Listen to These Podcasts to Become a Better Man!

Listen to These Podcasts to Become a Better ManI am not unlike most people in that I have a huge thirst for knowledge. Podcasts are an excellent source of targeting information on almost any topic you can think of. Here are my top four podcasts that help me be a more confident and capable guy.

Why listen to these podcasts?  Because women are “attracted” to men who are moving forward with their lives!

Women find successful men very appealing! Don’t be the guy women ignore!

Number 1.  The Michael Hyatt Intentional Leadership Podcast

A great podcast on leadership and creating the best life possible for you. Highly recommend this podcast.

** From Michael’s blog (

“This is my personal blog. It is focused on “intentional leadership.” My mission is to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus and lead with extraordinary influence.”

Number 2The Do Over Guywith Matt Theriault

If you have ever been in a situation where you needed to re-approach, or “do over”, the project, career, business or relationship then this is the guy to listen to.

I like his positive and future focused approach about starting over and getting ahead in life.

** From Matt’s website (

“The purpose of my website is to share with you a life plan, The Do Over Plan, so you can avoid those hard-learned lessons. Additionally, I will introduce you to the ignored, underestimated and unknown steps that lead to me producing great results, which will enable YOUR Do Over to progress with greater velocity than your previous attempt.”

Number 3.   “Quit” Podcast with Dan Benjamin

I really enjoy this podcast because Dan takes calls from folks who are contemplating quitting their jobs to focus on new projects such as business startups or freelancing gigs.

The podcast has an entrepreneurial vibe to it that truly resonates with me.

In one of his more recent podcasts he had a caller who described a situation where an old boss left and the new boss was difficult to work for; thus the caller is now considering taking his skills elsewhere, more likely as a freelancer.

This particular podcast came right at the time a good friend of mine was having the same issue and I shared this podcast with her.

** From Dan’s Website (

“Ever quit a job? Ever redefined yourself within one? Ever started something and won big … or failed? QUIT! is a call-in show helping people sort out their lives, reevaluate their options, kick their crummy jobs, and start something awesome.”

Listen to These Podcasts to Become a Better Man!

Number 4.  The “New Man Podcast” with Tripp Lanier

Tripp’s podcast is a must listen if you are a guy who wants to move forward in his life and become more confident and successful in all areas of your life!

All of his guests are very successful in their respective fields and offer outstanding advice that makes this podcast a true must listen to podcast!

** From Tripp’s website (

“As a coach, Tripp has helped men and women all over the world break out of mediocre lives, do what they love, and navigate the challenging world of relationships. The New Man Life online course brings his teachings to an even broader audience.”

These four podcasts are a must listen if you truly want the best information on pulling ahead as a man.

Listen to These Podcasts to Become a Better ManAs I stated above, women, and I mean truly beautiful women, are very attracted to men who have purpose, drive and are constantly moving forward in their lives.

Be one of those guys!

Listen to the above podcasts and I think you will find a ton of very solid information worth listening to!

Here’s a video from a woman’s perspective on how to become a man a woman would be attracted to. Enjoy the video!


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