Lunch as a Good First Date Option

Lunch as a Good First Date OptionSo you are out on the town the other night and you ran into a very attractive lady. Somehow you got the courage to ask her for her phone number and much to your surprise she actually gave it to you. Now it’s two days later and it’s time to call her to see if she is up for a first date.

I am often asked where is the best place to take a woman for the first date. For me it has always been lunch. Not coffee at Starbucks!

And certainly not an expensive romantic dinner!!

Both of these two options, in my opinion, can send an inappropriate message to the lady at such an early stage in that “get to know you phase” of your budding relationship.

For me, lunch during the week days is the best of all days as you are given a limited time together…

…which makes for a higher degree of intensity as well as giving both of you an “out” should one or both of you not be interested.

Also, be sure you select a nice restaurant that is conducive to conversation and privacy!

Here are three reasons why the lunch date is the perfect first date option.

NUMBER ONEAn easy exit.   If for some reason you are not interested as you thought you were initially you do not need to make excuses as to why you need to disappear after the actual lunch date. Like all busy working professionals you must go back to your office, which puts a natural end to your date without the uncomfortable need to come up with some sort of excuse if it were a dinner date.

NUMBER TWOYou both are at your best.   If you are working that day it will be assumed you are busy professional and are obviously well groomed. She should be likewise. Therefore on a busy workday you’ll be able to better put your best foot forward to better impress the lady.

NUMBER THREEDevelops interest and mystery.   A lunch date is the best and most opportune time to have a high quality conversation with out the unnecessary vibe of [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1481913328″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]what happens “after” a romantic dinner type of date. This conversation is meant for you to get to know her and she to get to know you.

It is probably the most opportune time to verbally show her you are a confident and successful man without boasting or bragging. This helps create interest and a sense of “mystery” about who you are; that is, if you handle this conversation correctly.

Over my many years of dating I have always used the lunch date as the primary first date option. Without fail this particular date always gave me the opportunity to see if I am interested in this woman or she totally is a turnoff for me.

It is one thing to flirt with a woman at a dark night club; it is another thing to have an intelligent conversation during the light of day on a Tuesday noon-time lunch date!


article: Lunch as a good first date option.

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