How to make that first date romantic!

PrintSo you finally got the courage to ask the girl out. You have already met her for coffee once and determined there was a mutual attraction between the two of you. Now comes the official first date where there is romantic tension and a world of possibilities. Here is a list of five things you can do as a man to ensure a very romantic first date.

Number one: always open the door for her. Whatever you do treat her like she is someone extremely special… Because she is! Open the door for her wherever you folks step through the threshold of the doorway. Not only that, pull the chair out for her if the first date involves eating at a nice upscale restaurant. It seems in today’s day and age fewer and fewer men do these things for the women they are trying to impress.

Number two: present her at the beginning of the date with a simple arrangement of flowers. I am not a big fan of red roses on a first date as that is a little too presumptuous for me. But a nice simple arrangement of various flowers that you can give to her when you pick her up speaks volumes of your thoughtfulness. Women love flowers; use that to your advantage!

Number three: hold her hand during the date. The simple act of holding her hand will tell her quickly that you have a romantic interest in her. If she responds in kind you are heading in a very good direction as far as the success of this first date.

Number four: do something or go somewhere romantic so it is memorable. Usually a first date is an interesting place, event or restaurant that truly is special and out of the ordinary. You want to make sure that this first date with this young lady is special and serves as part of the message of you are wanting a potential relationship with her. Whether it be hot air ballooning over your local city or a very romantic dinner at the upscale French restaurant just down the road, this first date should be something that you both recall years later with a smile on your face.

Number five: gently kiss her good night. If you go on a first date and have a great time, and she seems like she’s very interested in being with you romantically, you must attempt to kiss her good night. This initial first kiss will communicate to her your romantic intentions and will definitely bring all the best parts of the evening together into one magical moment.

In closing….

Try to be romantic without being a creep on your first date. Be very polite but attentive as well. Be sure you are a class act and a notch above all the other guys that are chasing her. Women love romantic guys, so make sure that you apply the five above tips to your first date to better ensure your success in winning this woman over.

article: How to make that first date romantic!

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