Before You Make the Move to Hawaii

Before You Make the Move to HawaiiThe women here in Hawaii are truly beautiful… especially if you prefer Asian women! Probably the number one place in the islands to check out all the Japanese ladies is Waikiki. There some of the most exotic and sexy ladies a guy will ever see stroll the streets and sun bathe on the white sandy beaches.

If this is not enough to get you thinking about moving to Hawaii then I don’t think you have a pulse! Beautiful beaches, sexy Asian babes in bikinis and fantastic golf courses. Moving to Hawaii was one of the best things I have ever done… and there is not one day that I ever regret my decision!

Here are three important things to be aware of if you should be considering a move to our beautiful islands.

ONE: Move here first before looking for a job in the islands! That’s right! Don’t attempt to find a job in Hawaii without physically being here first. I get about three or four calls a day from people wanting to find a job here in Honolulu. With each call I quickly inform these callers that I will not seriously take any application seriously until they actually move here to Hawaii.

And I am not the only business owner that thinks this way here in Hawaii. No one hiring employees wants to waste their time with folks who want to move to Hawaii but never take the necessary steps to make it happen! Get here first, show you are committed to residing here, then look for a job. You’ll find your job hunting efforts here in the islands will be much more productive if you move here first!

TWO: Understand the housing market before you arrive! Hawaii is probably the most expensive place to live in the good ole USA!!  Milk is $7 per gallon!  We are known as a state that taxes everything to an extreme… and the cost of rent is ridiculous!

Before you arrive do your research into the cost of housing. Be prepared to spend on average $700,000 for a standalone house. A 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in Honolulu will have a monthly rental fee of $2,000 and up! If you should purchase this same 2b2b condo you will pay on average $400,000 and have an $800 monthly maintenance fee on top of your monthly mortgage. Ouch!!

THREE: Make sure you are an outdoors type of person! If you are a couch potato don’t bother to move to Hawaii! Stay in Billings or Seattle! The sun is shining almost every day and the average daily temperature year round is about 82 degrees.

If you prefer a laptop over a tennis racket stay in New Hampshire! If you like staying indoors on your weekends watching movies on cable instead of surfing the waves in Waikiki Beach… don’t move here! If you prefer to date chunky women and not sexy Asian ladies then by all means stay in your home state.

The cost of living is too high for anyone to move to Hawaii and not enjoy the weather, the ocean and the people!

In Closing… 

The women here are very much worth the move. If you can do the right amount of research, prepare well in advance and understand what it will take to make a nice living for yourself here in paradise then by all means do what you need to do to get your butt to Hawaii!

article: Before You Make the Move to Hawaii

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