Marrying a Japanese Woman in the U.S.

Marrying a Japanese Woman in the U.S.So you met this very attractive Japanese girl about one year ago and a relationship ensued. She is fun, exciting, sexy and you are totally in love with this woman! Now you both are openly wondering: how do we get married and be legal here in the United States?

As we all know, that is, those of us who have had the fortune of experiencing women from Japan, they can be very special ladies that can be the most ideal partners in life. Of course as with any coupling you must make sure you know the lady well enough to judge that her intentions are real and she has the makings of being a steadfast lifelong partner.

Why She is in the USA

Most, if not all Japanese women are here in the USA for three reasons.

  1. Travel to Experience the World
  2. Education Needs
  3. To Find a Husband!!

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TRAVEL: Most educated Japanese women travel before they decide to settle down and get married.

Many travel to Europe and America with a few staying in the Asia region.

The reason for this is to get a glimpse of a culture that is so different from their own.

Japan is a very stressful place to live in that there are societal expectations not found in other countries.

One is expected to “fit in” and not make waves; thus when they travel to Europe or America it can feel very liberating for the young Japanese women.

EDUCATION: While there will not be a sizeable population of Japanese students at your local university there may be a few. Most will be at the universities that offer advanced degrees so they can further their professional pursuits here in the United States.

Much common of a place where Japanese ladies will be found will be English language schools. They flock to these institutions for two reasons: to learn the English language, and to anchor their US F-1 visa so they can stay in the USA for an extended period of time (up to 5 years) and not be required to return to Japan.

HUSBAND HUNTING: A large percentage of Japanese women come to the United States to date and marry American/Canadian men. That is their sole purpose and desire to come here. The men in Japan are not as appealing to them for a number of reasons and the myth of the American Man being a superior partner still prevails in Japan.

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Marrying a Japanese Woman in the U.S. – Easier Than You Think!

Most Japanese women who you meet here in the U.S. or Canada will be very open to getting to know you, as long as you are polite, respect their boundaries and understand they may not want a romantic connection with you.

Time to Make a Commitment

Marrying a Japanese Woman in the U.S.It has been about a year or so since you started dating this Japanese lady.

You both decide to move in together and want to make a legal commitment because you both love each other AND here ability to stay in the USA is coming to an end; translation: her VISA is running out.

You become anxious because you are not sure how to go about getting married and its impact for her to stay with you here in the United States. This is a very common problem… and a problem I once had as well.

The first thing you must recognize is that getting married does nothing for her to be enabled to stay with you here in the U.S. The marriage is nothing more than a legal recognition of the commitment you both made to each other, and is not used by the federal government to OK her prolonged stay with you here once her current visa runs out.

Your Visa Options

There are numerous VISA options that you need to investigate and study closely to ensure you make the best possible decision for the both of you. When considering your options take a close look at your ability to financially support her, the quality of your relationship and the type of VISA she is using to be here in the U.S.

I do not want to give out inaccurate VISA information here so I am providing a link to a website that will give you a great deal of information of the types of VISAs you should be reviewing.

This U.S. Government website has all the info you need: CLICK HERE

Or try this website: for more information.

I can share with you that we did review all of these options quite closely and selected a pathway that worked for us and also gave us some wiggle room in the event the VISA was stalled.

Also keep in mind the VISA process is long, requires quite a bit of documentation on your part and relies on government employees to move the process forward… SO THERE WILL BE POTENTIAL FRUSTRATION GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS!

Be prepared!!!

What We Did

What we did to ensure a successful VISA/Marriage “process” may be quite different from what you may need to do. She may be coming from Japan with some potential background Marrying a Japanese Woman in the U.S.issues, or you may be experiencing an incredible amount of financial debt, which could put in question your ability to financially support your new Japanese wife.

I met my wife through an introduction service, so she was staying here in Honolulu at that time classified as a sight-seeing/vacation visitor requiring no VISA. She had 90 days before she would be required to return to Japan.

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After several weeks she needed to return to Japan, where she stayed for several months, I visited once and she prepared to return to Hawaii again as a sight-seeing/vacation tourist for another 90 day period of time where upon we could spend more time together and see if there was any chance of a long-term relationship for us.

After the three months here in Hawaii while she was on the site seeing/vacation stay status we decided to have her pursue the F-1 VISA, which would allow her to attend school, resulting in her being required to study at a recognized school for up to 5 years. She stayed with me and we had her attend an ESL school to learn English. This gave us ample time to continue our relationship while finalizing our decision to get married.

We avoided the “Finance Visa” process as that seemed a little too iffy for us. Our plan was to continue with her going to school, live with me, then after a short time get married here in Hawaii.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1413317375″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”225″]Once we were married we then applied for the Green Card with me being the “husband and sponsor”… and both of us feeling comfortable if the process encountered problems we still had four years with her on the education VISA to stay here in the U.S..

The one mistake we made was to go to an immigration attorney who promised he could get her a VISA with little difficulty; and that it would be next to impossible to do it ourselves. The fee he wanted to charge: $30,000!!! I left our meeting with him knowing he was just trying to take advantage of our situation which angered me considerably.

What we did do was get the VISA application from the fed and gathered all the required support documentation it required while at the same time filling out all the various documents. This took about 2 solid days of reviewing all that was required and then piecing the finalized original packet together. If memory serves me correctly we needed to send four copies of the entire packet to the fed for processing. And then… wait!

About three months we received a letter from the fed notifying us that all was ok and she needed to report to a federal immigration office for additional information to finalize the final steps.

The Wedding, Her Family… an Incredible Experience

Our wedding was very nice with only close friends attending and family. Having her family and friends fly in from Japan was very special. I did not speak much if any Japanese and her folks spoke no English. But, it was very easy to communicate because of the very positive and friendly nature her family displayed towards me and I towards them.

In a very short period of time I became a member of a family from a culture so very different than my own. The two weeks they were here were very special as I was afforded the luxury of showing them my home, Hawaii, while at the same time they taught me about the Japanese culture.

Marriage Takes Work!

Regardless if you are married to a woman from Japan, Iceland or the U.S. marriage takes work. There are times in any marriage where each questions if getting married was the right thing; then there are times where you could not think of a better person to spend your life with.

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Add in cultural differences along with different societal values and you have the makings of a unique and interesting couple… that is, if you focus on the positive and you both genuinely care for one another.

Today my wife and I have been together for six years and have a very beautiful four year old daughter. I could not be happier!

article: Marrying a Japanese Woman in the U.S.

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