Meet Girls on the Beach?

Meet Girls on the Beach?One of the most challenging places to meet women is on the beach! Women are beautiful, tan and wearing string bikinis revealing quite a bit. There is no better place, other than a strip club, where we can see just how sexy women truly can be. Thus, meeting and attracting women on the beach can be quite a challenge for the normal male.

There are two things you need to be fully aware of if you plan on attracting any lady who is sunbathing on your local exotic beachfront. These two things only about 20% of men currently possess… which means chances are you do not.

FIRST: you need to have a great deal of confidence. This is not like being at a local nightclub where you have friends and loud music interfering with a woman’s perspective as to what your intentions are.

You need to be confident cool and collected in order to walk up to a woman who is sunbathing… and in all likelihood does not want to be bothered by any man who is ogling at her.

So the message here is: if you lack confidence stay away from the beach to meet women. Don’t listen to this advice and you’ll experience a great deal of rejection fairly quickly.

SECOND: you better have a nice tan and a very very fit physique!! That’s right… if you are a little bit of a chunky guy don’t even think about approaching a sexy

tanned beach goddess. Just like you are looking at them they may be looking at you… but only if you are an incredibly fit and good-looking guy in a bathing suit.

You see, picking up a girl at the beach is probably the most challenging place ever to try to meet a woman. There are no clothes to hide behind and no friends to play wing man. You are 90% naked with only a swimsuit covering you and chances are you are there by yourself.

In Closing…

In my entire dating history I only met two women on the beach that ended up being dates later that day. Both of these women were very beautiful Asian girls and I was in my mid-20s. Today there are less slim and attractive ladies on the beach and even less fit and handsome men on the beach, as in America most men and women are overweight or even obese.

Imagine if you are the one truly super fit guy on the beach on any particular day and you stroll down, say, Miami Beach…. chances are the women will notice. The challenge for you is to be that fit guy!!

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