Meet women at fundraising events!

Meet women at fundraising events!Today I attended a fundraising event that benefited a number of charitable causes here in the islands. The setting overlooked beautiful boat slips and palm trees – a perfect picture postcard that truly has me believing I am lucky to be living in Hawaii.

But… the best part of attending this type of event are the incredibly beautiful women who are in attendance… and I am not talking about the average women you would find on the street, but your above average, high maintenance goddess that all men can’t help but droll over!

Why these fundraising events are such fertile ground for meeting women is that usually there are a large number of women in attendance and they come from “well-heeled” backgrounds. They dress well, they dress sexy and they dress to impress!

Of course right away you have abundant opportunities to start a conversation with any of them. The first and easiest conversation opener is the cause you are there to support.

Other topics of conversation to start with these women could be centered around the wine auction, or the programs the money raised is to be used for or perhaps the silent auction items that are of interest to you or her.

It’s important that when you attend such a function you dress well, look polished and come across as a “high-value” guy – someone who has influence and is important enough to attend such an event.

Meet women at fundraising events!

To find a listing of these types of events all you need to do is look for a community calendar, which can be found through your local newspaper or radio station.

The next option is to just pick up the phone and call several nonprofits, museums or community centers to see what they have scheduled for the upcoming months, and then get on their mailing lists!

Looking to meet a beautiful and upscale lady? Then I would recommend that you meet women at fundraising events as it is truly like shooting fish in a barrel!

Here’s a video on where NOT to meet women. Very interesting!


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