Meet women at the gym? Get serious!

meet women at the gymMeet women at the gym? Get serious! I am a fitness guy. While I am in my early 50’s I am probably in better shape than most men in their 30’s! One thing I notice from time to time is guys trying to hit on women at the gym and the lack of success they most often experience.

Women are like men in that when they workout they want to workout!

They don’t want to be bothered by a guy who won’t give them their space as they try to use a fitness machine because a guy can’t take a hint that they don’t want to be bothered.

Case in point: About a month ago this guy who just moved to Honolulu is very desperately trying to get a conversation going with this very attractive woman using the seated bench press next to me.

It is very obvious that she does not want him bothering her, but she doesn’t seem to be able to get that point across to the guy without being very blunt with him.

As she goes from one fitness machine to another he just keeps following her and invading her space.

Despite her ever increasing facial expressions showing irritation he just keeps on pressing forward with this unwanted attention.

After about 20 minutes of this uninterrupted forced conversation the women just blurts out:

“I am very sorry, but I am not here to be picked up! Can I just get back to my workout?”

Upon this declaration from the women the guy slowly walks away, but keeps within 20 feet of her for the next ten minutes.

Then, as if he has no clue about life at all, he re-approaches her and starts the invading of her space thing all over again.

Meet women at the gym? Get serious!

Her response: She gets off the machine she is using, hands him her towel and walks out of the gym! This guy was an idiot and he just couldn’t figure that out to save his life!

Don’t try to pick up women in the gym!

Here’s a video that has a different point of view on picking up women in the gym. Enjoy the video!


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