Meet women in the Grocery Store!

Destroy approach anxietyMeet women in the Grocery Store!?!  YES!  One of the best places to meet women is the grocery store. Whenever a woman enters the grocery store to purchase her food for the week you can fairly quickly see what she is buying and quickly ascertain if she is single or married (by the types of food she is purchasing).

The main reason the grocery store is one of the better places to meet women is that when they are shopping their guard is down. They are less likely to be unfriendly and unwelcoming when a stranger asks her about the carrots.

Introducing:   Destroy Approach Anxiety  by Charlie Valentino

The next time you are in the supermarket (after reading Destroy Approach Anxiety) take a quick look around you to see what women are there and pay close attention to the food they are buying to help you determine if they are single or not. When you are comfortable, walk over to the vegetable section and look like you are clueless about the radishes.

When an attractive young lady comes within range ask her: Can you tell me if radishes are in season? I think you will be very surprised at how many women will answer your question, thus giving you an opening to start a conversation!

Good Luck!

Meet women in the Grocery Store!

Destroy Approach Anxiety


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