Meet Women in the Lingerie Department!

Meet Women in the Lingerie DepartmentIt was a beautiful sunny tropical Saturday afternoon when my wife said: “hey hon, we need to stop by Macy’s to purchase some undergarments as a gift”; this gift being for one of her friends who is getting married. Before arriving at Macy’s to do our shopping I was sort of dreading this excursion! But when we arrived at the lingerie department I suddenly became a very happy and contented man.

Why you may ask? Well, over the years, if my memory is correct, whenever I went to a woman’s undergarment section of a fine retail store there was never a shortage of beautiful women shopping for their personal undergarment needs.

Of course, it all depended on the time of the day… and today being Saturday would prove to be very beneficial for the man who would like to watch beautiful women shopping for sexy underwear.

Fortunately for me this particular department in Macy’s had a chair for men to sit while their wives or significant others did their shopping.

So as soon as my wife started looking around at all the various sexy bras and panties I found myself sitting and watching all the other shoppers, who just happened to be beautiful, young and sexy.

I made a mental note to myself that if any guy should ever ask the question of: where is the best place to meet attractive women without being in a bar?  Well, this would be my answer. This department was just about the size of a four car garage. Ample enough room for quality merchandise while being intimate enough for a young man to be able to rub elbows with an attractive lady as they both shop for female undergarments.

If you were to go to any lingerie department in any upscale retail store the best way to use this particular method of meeting woman is to say you are purchasing a gift for a good friend who is getting married, and ask the attractive woman standing close to you for her opinion on various female undergarments. It’s as simple as that!

Needless to say both my wife and I were in this department shopping for undergarments for well over one hour. Enough time for me to run out and get a cup of coffee from Starbucks just outside the store and hurry back and enjoy the incredible view of beautiful ladies while I sipped my steaming cup of coffee.

Of course, I caught grief from my wife later that night as she noticed I was checking out every lady who walked into my line of site. Oh well, life is certainly very interesting!

Now go and shop for women’s panties!

article: Meet Women in the Lingerie Department!

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