Men Chase. Women Choose. Become the Guy WOMEN Chase!

Men Chase. Women Choose. Become the Guy WOMEN Chase!I am sure you have heard this statement before: Men chase, women choose. For the average guy this is a very accurate statement. For the below average guy there is no choosing of them by women, unless she herself is below average. Yuck!

Having said that many women have the distinct luxury of being able to have their pick of any gy they want. They are THAT attractive and alluring! Just think about some very beautiful actress you would love to take to bed and that should give you an idea of the power truly beautiful women have over most men.

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I have always said that if you put a stunning and sexy girl at a bar by herself she will get hit on at least a dozen times within a couple of hours time. Conversely if you put a good-looking guy, say a young Robert Redford type, at that same bar by himself he will be fairly ignored by the ladies!

Men Chase. Women Choose! A Sad Reality for Most Men.

Countless men constantly chase women and never seem to be able to get the girl they are most interested in.

Conversely how many women want to be chased by any guy and just can’t get any guy to express interest?

There are women out there that have this problem! Of course they are probably obese, smell and have warts on their face.

If you want to turn the tables and start having women chase you here are three things you need to have going for you.

Translation: Acquire these items in your life and you will turn the tables on the above referenced statement!

Improve your Appearance

Most American men are overweight, lazy and look unhealthy. The number one way to improve your overall appearance is to get VERY fit! And I mean VERY, VERY fit!! Women are very attracted to men who look strong and powerful; to the point the man can protect them if the need arises.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1552100510″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]The next time you are out and about take a count of all the men you see who are overweight. I bet you will see a surprising number of men, regardless of age, who are incredibly overweight and disheveled looking.

Next, with your buddies, go to a nightclub and see who all the truly hot girls are with. I bet what you will see is that these incredibly sexy ladies are with incredibly fit guys who take their fitness very seriously. I’m talking six pack abs, when defined chest and athlete level cardio abilities.

I know of one guy who was a fairly distant acquaintance who seemed to ALWAYS have a new girl he would be dating. These girls were nines and tens, very sexy, exotic and true head-turners! I knew this guy because we worked out at the same gym together and I witnessed just how serious he was about his fitness. Six a days a week he was in the gym pushing the metal while also doing daily cardio.

He looked like a Greek god… and all the women just drooled at him everywhere he went.

Lastly, if you are very pale, get a tan! If your wardrobe is dated or looks like you are still a starving college student then hit the stores and get clothes that make you look good!

Get Rid of Your Poor Attitude!

Positive and friendly people attract more friendships than those who are negative and closed minded! Being negative is a natural state of being for many people as it is natures way of protecting ones self from potential emotional stress and disappointment.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0979041031″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”180″]Upbeat and positive people seem to lack the “need” to be negative for some reason, thus they are always surrounded by other people who care about them and want to do things with them. Why? Because spending time with these positive people makes others feel good about themselves!

If you want women to CHASE YOU, you MUST have a fantastic and upbeat personality!! If you are negative and have few, if any friends she will not be interested in you. Don’t be that guy!

The quickest way to reshape your attitude is the “regain control of your life”! Most people live their lives with no real rhyme or reason. They go to work every day, eat lunch at the same place every day and then retire in the evening to the newest TV show. Boring.

In the nutshell they have no control over where their lives are going. Not only that, they have no idea as to what they want their lives to look like, thus lack any effort to have a more interesting and purpose driven life!

The one surefire way to help change your attitude for the better is to set goals and then hold yourself accountable to achieving those very goals. Want women to be attracted to you? Live a life full of achievement and be interesting! Get that attitude shift going NOW!

Become That Success You Know You Can Be!

I’m going to make a daring statement here: beautiful women CHASE very successful men! They do not chase the gas station attendant. They do not chase the grocery clerk. They do not chase the retail store clerk. If this is all you aspire to be in life then… you are going to be eventually married to the fat pig you are disgusted by because that will be all that you can attract.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B000QFCFXE” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”220″]Sorry about that!

Also, even if you are incredibly fit, have a great attitude and even are working towards accomplishing some goals in your life the likelihood of you having women chasing you are still somewhat doubtful. This is just not enough.

The guy I mentioned above who worked out at the same gym as myself had an excellent personality, he was very in control and confident, he was incredibly fit… and… he was very successful!

His day job was being an Attorney. His night “gig” involved running his small business of managing a sizeable Dj service to an elite crowd. He was a personable guy. He was a very fit and attractive guy. He was a very successful guy. He was the COMPLETE PACKAGE women want!

Women chase guys like this!

In this instance, women chase, men choose! And if you are one of these guys you will be a very happy guy indeed!

Next Steps for You

Be a critic of yourself and really assess where you may be not quite measuring up to what your full potential could be. Are you as successful as you would like to be? If not, what can you do about it to get you pointed in a better direction? Are you as physically appealing as you should be? If not get your ass into the gym, purchase some running shoes and get busy!

Work towards being the guy women chase and eventually you will get there! And the rewards will be far more than just getting laid! Trust me on that!


article: Men Chase. Women Choose. Become the guy Women Chase!

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