Mistakes made with women!

Mistakes made with womenDating is a challenge for some men as they always struggle to find ways to attract and keep women in their lives. However, mistakes made with women often get in the way of successfully developing a high quality romantic relationship… mistakes that could be avoided.

Here are ten very common mistakes some men make when trying to attract or “stay involved with” the ladies. I am sure you will relate to some of these mistakes… how could you not!

MISTAKE ONE:   You are too needy, insecure and shy, thus never getting anywhere with the real attractive ladies.

Weak and needy men will always have a difficult time keeping any woman in their lives.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a guy start out strong and confident at the beginning and then three months into their relationship he is a groveling wimp.

Stop this!!

MISTAKE TWO:   You are a Sports NUT! … nothing comes between you and your team!

So many guys are EXTREME sports nuts. Every day, night and weekend they are in front of the tube watching sports. Mind you, they are NOT playing sports… but, WATCHING sports.

Most of you are fat and incredibly out of shape! Then, all you talk about is the Redskins, or the Cowboys… who really gives a shit!! The women don’t! And that’s why you are still single at 36 years old.

MISTAKE THREE:   You foolishly think she is interested when she is actually not.

When out at a bar or social event I often see guys who just can’t help but be overly persistent when trying to meet women. The woman can be giving the most obvious signs that she is not interested in you but you still persist until someone almost has to pull you away.

I think these type of guys think that by being overly persistent they will eventually wear down the girl until she agrees to talk with them. These guys are idiots.

MISTAKE FOUR:   You’re a Momma’s boy who needs help financially all the time.

Mistakes made with womenIf you were from Italy I would cut you some slack, but you are an American guy which means you should be a confident and capable dude who is independent of his parents.

You should be on your way to being that alpha male you want to be; or aspiring to do so.

So many guys, especially the guys here in Hawaii are very dependant their parents for a lot of things. Cut the apron strings and BE A MAN!

Most women may find your funny banter appealing, but when you are dependant on your parents for anything they quickly lose interest in you.

MISTAKE FIVE:   You’re not clean, you stink and you’re not aware of it.

That’s right – you’re not clean! Greasy hair, dirt under the finger nails, mild body odor and yellow teeth. I see these guys all over the place now a days! What’s up with that!!

It’s almost like these young guys have no self respect!! Clean yourself up, get fit and dress well. If you don’t you will never attract a pretty lady!

MISTAKE SIX:   You flirt with her best friend whenever possible.

Mistakes made with womenWe are all guilty of this; after all if her best friend is very appealing we will naturally be drawn to her.

However, I have seen numerous guys who just can’t seem to stop flirting with their girlfriends friends.

This will often be a relationship killer and will result in the friend not being interested in you as well. Get some “class” and stop this behavior!

MISTAKE SEVEN:   Your buddies are more important than any girl you would meet.

Whenever I come across a guy who complains he has not gotten laid in a very long time, but has a constant crew of guys he can’t separate himself from, all I can think is that this guy is very insecure and weak.

He can’t go to a nightclub without his four buddies; he can’t go the ball game without his four buddies; he can’t grab a beer and a burger without his four buddies… he can’t take a piss without his four buddies!!

Women see this and they will only look at you like you are a little boy… because you are.

MISTAKE EIGHT:   You are socially awkward and scare the women off.

Mistakes made with womenFor some strange reason you are… strange!! And nobody has yet told you this.

When any woman seems to be interested in you there is some sort of creepy response from you.

Conversations with you are strained because you are just a little off in any of your responses.

You are now 46 years old and you are just realizing you have had only one girlfriend your entire life… and that was back in Junior high school!

MISTAKE NINE:   The alcoholic party guy who prefers the bottle over the blonde.

One of my best friends was your typical alcoholic party guy who was addicted to hostess bars.

Almost every night he would be out till the wee hours drinking and trying to pickup on the Korean hostess chicks – usually with some success as long as he had the cash.

Mistakes made with womenHowever, his ability to attract any normal woman was gone.

The 35 year old guy drinking like a fish every night and hung over every day, well… no girl wants that!

The last time I saw him he looked like a very old man with a beer belly and he was till single!! Stop the drinking, get into the gym and pull your life together!

MISTAKE TEN:   You’re a beta male who is always looked at as being a friend only.

Women are drawn to strong, confident alpha male types. If you are meek, too polite, too accommodating and exude weakness you will never have any women stay interested in you!

You must get to the point in your life that you have friends, hobbies, career and other options as they pertain to women. You shouldn’t feel like you need to be with a woman! Women, sexy women that is, are only icing on the cake.

Your life and where you are taking it are far more important and interesting than any attractive woman! She is there only to provide pleasure in the bedroom, cook your meals and wash your shorts. Enough said.

These are the Mistakes made with women we men make. This list could go on and on and on, but does include the ten most prevalent in today’s dating scene.

Here’s a video that covers some more mistakes made with women. Enjoy the video!


Mistakes made with women!

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