My Experience with Online Dating Sites.

My Experience with Online Dating SitesIt is no secret that I am not a fan of online dating sites.  So I thought I would share my experience with online dating sites with you here in this post.  While I find the overall process to be of real benefit to those seeking to meet a quality lady there are roadblocks that get in the way of the intended result!

Back in 2006, just before I met my wife, I did try to use two online dating sites in my effort to find a good match for my very hectic life.

With a full-time career position that took up my daytime hours coupled with a growing contract services business that was primarily scheduled after 5 p.m. I had very little time to go out and go the traditional route in meeting a high quality lady!

A good friend of mine was very active in the online dating scene and recommended and Yahoo Personals as two good venues to start with in regards to meeting a woman online.

As a result, I quickly signed up for each service and posted my profile which included pictures with little difficulty.

Within a couple of days I had numerous dates lined up with various women, and all seemed good with the process. The women were all very attractive, all had careers and some had children – which was not a deal breaker for me at this point.

What I could not help but notice was that all of these women had been members of these services for at least a year… or longer!

Without exception they all wanted a long-term relationship and wanted to settle down with the right guy.

This is when the red flags started to pop up for me as each of these women most likely had met dozens of men, if not more, and seem not to be able to find the “right guy”.  Huhh??!!

This was confusing for me at that time as I was not interested in dating 3 or 4 women at once but looking for a high quality monogamous relationship with just one woman.

I also discovered that all the women I met online through either service were ALWAYS on the site and apparently trying to meet new men ALL THE TIME.

While their words were saying “I want a relationship” their actions said “I want to play the field”. Honesty about their true intentions became very questionable almost immediately.

After using both and Yahoo Personals for about two months and meeting about eight or nine women – all who seemed to be addicted to meeting someone new each week – I decided not to waste my valuable time on this type of method of meeting a potential partner or girlfriend.

My Experience with Online Dating Sites!

What’s interesting is that even seven years later, whenever I visit, I still see the very same women I met through their service years ago being very active on that website to this very day – still looking for their special someone.

I think that is very funny… and pathetic at the same time!

In conclusion, when I am asked by some guy who wants to know the best way to meet women, here is my response:

“If you are looking for a high quality relationship stay away from the online dating sites as the vast majority of women on these sites are either flakes or serial daters!”

This has been my experience and the experience of many others as well. BUT… if you want to have fun, meet some pretty ladies and not take things to seriously then is for you.

Here’s a humorous video about one guys experience with online dating. Enjoy the video!


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