My Strategic Use of Coffee

My Strategic Use of CoffeeThe other day I awoke with the worst caffeine withdrawal headache I have ever experienced! You see, in an effort to stay fit I always partake in the “abuse” of caffeine via coffee to get me “up” for my workouts. Of course, I am sure you are attempting to get fit so you can be very appealing to the ladies as well, right?

The issue with coffee, and the subsequent abuse of it by almost all Americans, is that its addiction qualities are quite strong. Having been a fervent coffee drinker for many years I recently discovered I lost interest in the taste of coffee as well as the emotional and physical “pick-me-up” …well, it was just not happening.

Coffee was an addiction for me for many years. In an effort to be the most fit I could possibly be (in order for me to be physically appealing to the ladies), I would drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee prior to any workout. At first this really worked well… and I mean really well!

But as the years passed and I ingested copious amounts of the brew on a daily basis I started to feel very fatigued, dehydrated and very flat emotionally; thus, my decision to quit cold turkey a couple weeks back.

Now that I am totally caffeine free, and made it through the withdrawal period, I am focusing on drinking a lot more water (one cup every hour, on the hour during my day job hours); and as a result I am experiencing a considerable influx of new found energy!

Also, I am using coffee, and it’s caffeine more strategically… meaning I am drinking approximately one 12 oz. “cup” of coffee prior to my weight training workouts if I find I am not mentally and physically up to the challenge.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B001CNG7RY” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”260″]With my weight training workouts this means three times per week, tops. So far in the past couple of weeks this has been maybe only once a week.

With no drinking coffee, other than to help prep me for some of my workouts with a limited amount, I am now back to receiving its full impact of getting “revved-up” for that particular workout.

By using coffee “strategically” and with limited amounts I am back to enjoying this very popular brew.

Here’s a video from two guys I always find both very entertaining as well as very informed as they talk about using coffee as a pre-workout stimulant! Enjoy the video.


article: My Strategic Use of Coffee

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