My Weekly Workout Routine!

My Weekly Workout RoutineAs I have mentioned in several posts here on my website I have had no problem attracting women over the years. Yes, I do consider myself a fairly good-looking guy and I am very confident and self-assured!

Despite all that, I think the major contributor to my appearance and inner self confidence is my fitness routine!

Despite being 52 I am in better shape than most men who are in their early 30’s… which in today’s age of “fat people” here in the good ole US of A this isn’t saying much.

When I was approached at the gym a couple months ago by an old friend who asked me what I was doing to stay so lean and fit here was my answer:

My Weekly Workout Routine!

CARDIO: I do cardio five to six days a week. Because of my bad knees and herniated disc I have been relegated to walking instead of running.

I walk for one hour at a very fast pace early in the mornings, usually between seven and eight a.m.

MUSCLE: I don’t strive to build muscle like I did when I was in my twenties.

Why? Well, I am in my 50’s and don’t want to injure myself by pushing myself too much as I had numerous times in the past.

Now it is a much lighter workout doing a full-body routine over a quick 30 minute period of time.

Twice a week I am in the gym and that’s it. If you are younger I would recommend HIT Training as discussed in detail by Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones.

If you do not have access to a gym then I would purchase some resistance bands as these can be used almost anywhere and can give you a really good workout!

CLICK HERE for info on how to get Six Pack Abs!

DIET: I have been a fairly strict vegetarian for the past year and am very glad I made this decision!

I also stay away from bread and pasta as the carbs will only work against you in keeping you fat!

Do yourself a big favor and watch the documentary: “Forks Over Knives” and after watching I think you will become a vegetarian as well!

REST: I usually get seven hours of sleep every night, but strive for eight. Without enough rest I do find myself really off target both physically and mentally that day!

Remember this:

If you are out of shape and FAT you will not attract women!!

If you are a single guy in your 40’s or 50’s then you MUST get fit so you can get back to being physically appealing to women again. If you don’t, you may find yourself alone for a very long period of time!

Here’s a video on one guy’s views on why women do not like fat men!  Enjoy the video!


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