No one likes shy guys!

No one likes shy guysThat’s right! No one likes shy guys! Especially the pretty, sexy ladies!! If you consider yourself a shy man then you really need to start making some changes in your personality; for if you do not you will be single and lonely for the rest of your life.

If you are not sure if you are shy then you are either clueless or completely unworldly, thus you may not need to bother reading this blog post.

Most men who consider themselves shy are very aware of their lack of self-esteem and lack of a quality social life.

If you are shy you know all too well that meeting an attractive woman seems like an elusive dream.

Even though you may try different psychological techniques to overcome your acute shyness nothing seems to work, which leaves you feeling emotionally crippled in almost all social environments.

This is not a post to review methods to overcome your shyness but is only to serve as a reminder that your inability to conquer your shyness will dramatically impact the rest of your life!

You will never be the confident and outgoing Alpha Male all women desire to be with… because you are weak!

Remember the last time you went out with a bunch of guy friends for pizza and beer? You remember don’t you? It was the time where you were so nervous when speaking to the young waitress when ordering your beer.

Your friends would not stop ribbing you the entire evening as you seemed terrified every time she came to your table.

No one likes shy guys! You are not the life of the party. You are not the guy women dream to be with. And more likely than not, you are the guy who stays home on Saturday evenings watching old movies by yourself.

No one likes shy guys! All men who are shy often lack confidence and self-esteem. They are often loners and have very few friends.

This “being alone” significantly contributes to feelings of low self-worth which only exasperates the inability to be outgoing and successful in social gatherings.

Are you not tired of being that guy? Do you not want to do something about being the shy guy within your group of friends? Are you not tired of not having a beautiful girlfriend?

Then do something about it! If you do not take the bull by the horns and conquer your low self-confidence you will live a very a miserable existence for the rest of your life.

Do something about this today!!

Here is a brief video with a different perspective on “shy guys”. Enjoy the video!


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