Not sure if she is into you?

Not sure if she is into you?Perhaps she is not returning your calls. Or perhaps she is not as affectionate as you think she should be. Or perhaps she is still in communication with her ex-boyfriend. All you know is that you are unsure of her interest in you leaving you kind of feeling awkward and uncomfortable at times when with her. Not good!

Here’s how you handle this particular dynamic.  Are you ready?

Start dating other women immediately.

That’s your answer! Don’t tell her as I can only assume if you are having doubts about her level of interest in you then there is every possibility she is either interested in other guys or is just not very interested in you.

Enjoy her company, spend some time with her… but start looking to meet other women NOW!

What this will do is put proper perspective on your unrewarding relationship and give you more and better options as far as romantic relationships go.

Go online and start with and start flirting with other women. Get with your buddies and chase the skirts at you local nightclub.

Join an introduction service to meet women from another country. Just get busy meeting the ladies!

Not only do this but start focusing on having a more interesting life without this particular woman. Refocus on your long lost hobbies.

Start hitting the gym every day! Pick up the phone and volunteer at a non-profit organization that serves kids.

The key here is to become very active in many hobbies, sports or social activities so your life is more about you than this girl with whom you are unsure of her feelings for you. If she has any true emotions for you she will start to see that she is no longer a priority in your life and as a result will either start becoming to woman you want or she will just fade away.

Either way you have a much more enjoyable life, probably new friends and potential ladies to date.

Sounds good to me!

Here’s a video on this very topic I think you will find interesting!


article: Not sure if she is into you?

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