Over 50 Dating Could be Interesting!

Over 50 Dating Could be InterestingIf you are over the age of 50 and you are single you may find yourself somewhat reluctant to enter the dating scene. But I am here to inform you that it is a very rewarding process to meet the lady of your dreams. I did it and you can to!  Just keep in mind that over 50 dating could be interesting!

Dating over 50: am I too old?

No! If you are between the ages of 50 and 70 then there is a very good and strong possibility you’ll be able to meet a woman of quality fairly easily.

The reason I say this is that as we all get older, especially over the age of 50, the number of men in relationship to the number of women is quite small.

This translates to the men having a very distinct advantage in the dating scene during this time of our lives.

A concern many men over the age of 50 have is that they may not be attracted to women of their age group.

For most men this may not be a problem as there are a large number of younger women who are attracted to older men!

Not only are younger women available to date older men, there is a large number of very attractive older women as well. Keep in mind these older women have a much smaller pool of eligible men to select!

For the guy over 50 this is not a bad problem to have.

To be a very successful dater and stand out apart from the other men in your age category all you need to do is to get into fantastic physical condition! Why? Because most men over the age of 50 look like crap! Don’t be one of them!!

If you are a 58 year old man and you are tan, very fit (no pot belly!) and dress well you will stand head and shoulders above all the other man quite easily. The world will be your oyster!

Of course, the big issue you may be facing is the quality of women may be less than desirable once you reach the age of 50. So, like myself, you may want to pursue women who are 10 to 15 years younger than you.

According to thirdage.com:

“Courtship at any age has its problems. Yet, at least at 50, if it doesn’t work out, you don’t get stuck buying bad prom pictures.

“Baby Boomers have been around the block,” said Laurie Helgoe, clinical psychologist and author of Boomer’s Guide to Dating (Again) (Alpha, 2004). “They often have gone through the loss of a relationship, so they don’t always have stars in their eyes.” “You know who you are. You have a certain level of comfort in the world. You’ve probably mastered a career or some role in life. Dating isn’t completely new. You’ve been in relationships. You’ve had sex, hopefully.”

Yet there you are, at 45 or 55, tossed by fate, circumstance or choice into a back-to-the-future realm you first encountered in your teens.”

Online dating sites for the over the 50 crowd.

If you are trying to find an attractive women who is in your particular age category probably the easiest way is to go on the various dating sites found on the web. All dating sites cater to all age groups so that may be a great starting point.

However, this particular dating site is specially geared for people over the age of 50. Ready?


This particular website caters specifically to the over 50 crowd which will make your dating efforts much more streamlined. Of course there are a number of dating sites that cater to those of us old enough to remember the Beatles, so do your homework and select the best one for you.

Looking for a special lady and over 50? Rely on your Personal contacts!

One of the most reliable ways to meet a lady, if you are over the age of 50, is through your network of friends, coworkers and family.

All you need to do is to just ask your sister in-law or a coworker friend if they have any single lady friends that they could introduce you to. This is very simple but does require some significant self-esteem as most men will be fearful to do this. Why, I just don’t understand!

Social clubs are the new meeting place.

Where I live there are a number of social clubs and activity groups that make it very easy to meet someone of the opposite sex. Whether you joined your local chamber of commerce or volunteer at a large nonprofit the venues available to you to meet an attractive woman are fairly endless.

One particular website that focuses on social groups is called meetup.com. This particular website is designed for people with similar interests to form groups for various activities.

Over 50 Dating Could be InterestingIf you do not belong to this particular membership site (it is free by the way) then I would suggest getting on your computer and signing up today!

I am a tennis and fitness enthusiast, thus I found a social networking site geared for us tennis enthusiast. That site is called tennisopolis.com.

Through this one web site alone I have met numerous friends and potential lady friends all because my love for the game of tennis.

Introduction services for those of us over the age of 50.

I met my wife, who just happens to be a beautiful Japanese woman, through an introduction service here in Hawaii.

I was of the age where I knew it was time to settle down and start a family before I got too old. I was 46!

Having tried the bar scene and Internet dating the quality of women who were seeking long term relationships I found to be rather disappointing. This particular introduction service catered to American men seeking to meet Japanese women.

After being introduced to over 16 different and very attractive Japanese women, all of which were within my age group it became very easy to select the lady with whom I would spend the rest of my life with.

No matter where you live there is some sort of introduction service or match making service that you can utilize to meet that special lady.

Over 50 Dating Could be Interesting!

In Conclusion

Just because you are 50 or older does not mean that you are doomed to be single the rest of your life.

All you need to do is to get back to living your life in a very robust manner and then use one of the above mentioned methods to meet a woman that fulfills what you are looking for in a high quality relationship.

Here is a video that tackles the topic of dating over 50! Enjoy the video.


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