Five Reasons Why Women Cheat!

Reasons Why Women CheatMen cheat on women that is a known fact that has been widely accepted for the ages. But women cheat as well, almost as much as men cheat! Today we will discuss reasons why women cheat!

The better you understand a women’s needs in a relationship the more success you will have in getting what you need out of the relationship as well!

Here are the top five reasons why women cheat!

REASON ONE:  Their man has become a low value man.

Either he has lost his job, become less confident or is being less respected by those around him… thus resulting in her perception of him as being “weak”.

REASON TWO:  Sex and intimacy has declined or stopped all together.

Women are not that unlike men in that they need physical intimacy. If the man loses interest in having sex with the women there is the possibility she will seek elsewhere!

REASON THREE:  The man becomes a beta male in the relationship.

Quite often men start out as the confident stud, but quickly turn into weak needy guys.

This is when the women start to dominate and control the man and the relationship… and when they start to lose interest.

REASON FOUR:  The household duties are entirely the responsibility of the woman.

If she has a job, especially a demanding career, she will resent the man in the relationship for helping out, thus may reach out to find a better partner.

REASON FIVE:  Your family, thus her in-laws, always interfering in your relationship or disrespecting her as your partner.

All of the above are reasons why women cheat!

If you are fearful that your wife or girlfriend will cheat on you, just revisit this list from time to time and make adjustments to your relationship so you stay in control of the quality the relationship provides to HER so she will not stray!

Here is a video from a woman’s perspective. Enjoy the video!


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