Redheads: Not for Me!

Redheads: Not for MeI not a fan of the redheaded women.  No I am not!  Redheads: Not for me!  Freckles, pale skin and that red hair… not what I find appealing! I am more attracted to Asian women, with their dark hair, olive skin and exotic facial features! But, there are some redheads who are attractive and shine almost as much as other women out there!

Today I encountered probably the second redheaded woman whom I think was truly beautiful. She was an unusual redhead in that her skin tone was more Middle Eastern looking than the white Irish pasty look associated with most redheads.

When having our conversation about her product (she is a sales rep) I asked where she is from.  Her reply: Turkey!  The country of Turkey produces redheaded women?


My assistant, who is a young and outspoken young lady asked this gorgeous redhead if her hair was natural and not “from a box”.

The reply was that she had red hair for her entire 27 years with the exception of it turning blond when she spent her summers on the Mediterranean. Interesting!

But she is the exception as most redheads I find unappealing!

If you are attracted to redheaded women here’s a short video I think you will enjoy!


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