Running into an Ex Girlfriend

Running into an Ex GirlfriendThere is nothing more awkward than running into an ex as you go about your daily activities. Just the other day as I was doing my weekly food shopping, I came across a woman I dated some 20 years ago.

As time does to all of us we often change in the way we look, especially if we do not take care of ourselves. This was the case with my “ex”. Having not seen her since we split up back in 1994 at first I did not recognize her as she was inspecting the apples that were on display.

As I walked by her, not recognizing her at all, I felt a hand on my shoulder and a calling of my name.

As I turned to look at the person whose hand was on my shoulder I could tell I recognized the person somewhat… but where?

Playing along with her, acting like I knew who she was, it took a full three or four minutes for it to register that she was in fact an ex-girlfriend from some twenty years earlier.

Yes, she had changed quite a bit as she was at least 50 lbs. heavier than when we dated back in the early 1990s!!

As we talked it felt kind of weird talking to a woman who I dated years ago… and if memory serves me correctly, the breakup was rough!

To make a long story short I was unfaithful during the relationship and she had a significant fit because she found a woman’s phone number in my wallet.

As a matter of fact, she was so angry with me she threw all my clothes out on our front lawn during a rain storm for all the neighbors to see. Yikes!!!

Let’s just say she was pissed!

Of course all of that was forgotten as we spoke at the grocery store… and it was nice to see her again. Unfortunately for her she is newly divorced, in her early 50s, somewhat “heavy” and just looked beat and exhausted (as she has three kids to cope with).

Despite knowing I am married she asked me twice to go have coffee with her during our brief ten minute dialogue. Of course I politely declined as I am a happily married guy. But let me tell you after our brief run-in I could not stop thinking about the young lady from 20 years earlier who loved to play tennis, laughed at all my retarded jokes and had the most incredible smile.

Aren’t memories great!

Article: Running into an Ex Girlfriend

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