Seeking Asian: a Podcast Worth Listening to!

Seeking Asian: a Podcast Worth Listening toIf you are a guy who has an extreme interest in meeting Asian women then I have a podcast that you may find interesting to listen to. “Seeking Asian”, a Podcast by a gentleman by the name of Matt Champlin, came to my attention by a friend who stumbled upon it last week.

I took a quick look at the podcast via iTunes and found the quality of the information to be very good and on target for the guy looking to meet a girl from Asia.

What is this Podcast about?

This podcast is for the guy who wants to meet a woman who may be from Japan, Korea, China, Philippines or Malaysia – just to name a few!

We American men often times will have preconceived notions of what a woman from the orient acts and behaves like through books and movies.

The stereotypical Asian girl is not what is seen in American media. No sir, they are strong, family focused and can be career driven… just like many American women.

This podcast was produced in 2011 and only has a total of six episodes which are fairly short in duration, with the entire six episodes totaling maybe two hours of time.

In these podcast episodes Mr. Champlin talks about:

  1. Mail Order brides
  2. Asian dating marriage websites
  3. Dispelling Western Stereotypes
  4. Helping Your Asian Wife with the western culture.

Why You Should Listen

If you have any desire at all to explore the idea of meeting a girl from the Far East then you owe it to yourself to give this podcast a listen.

Why? Well, if you are from Chicago chances are you know nothing about Japanese culture or Chinese dating etiquette…

never mind speaking their language or not understanding their individual courting rituals!

The more informed you are the chances of meeting and successfully dating a woman of the orient increase!

If you go about trying to meet a woman who is thousands of miles away and you don’t speak the language… well, good luck!

Having a friend meet and “kind of” date a girl – long distance – from Manila, well, let’s just say he could have used this information.

His lack of understanding the culture and family requirements of dating a Filipina eventually destroyed his budding relationship.

Not to forget she was six thousands miles away from his home city and had to use an internet café in order to send emails from!

Any other podcasts on this topic?

You can find this particular podcast by going into iTunes and search the title: “Seeking Asian”. Are there other podcasts that discuss the topic of meeting Asian women?

I couldn’t find any but I do have a short film you may be interested in watching on this very topic titled: Seeking Asian Female. Click Here if you would like to read a short article that we wrote about this film.

There was another film titled: Filipina Princess that I watched a few years back that told the story of six guys from the UK who travel to Manila to meet young Filipinas to eventually marry.

The film focused on the mail-order bride process and the way the men and women either connected… or not.

In closing, the women of the orient are truly exotic and beautiful. However, if you go about meeting these women, not being well informed, then you may be asking for problems that could be easily avoided.

Get informed, do your research, plan your process and you will eventually have success with an Asian girl from the orient!

Here’s a video titled: Asian Mail Order Brides in America


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