Seeking Asian Female: a Documentary Worth Watching!

Seeking Asian Female: a Documentary Worth WatchingAs I was working late this evening I happened across a podcast from NPR: Snap Judgment that had in one of its segments a brief story about a documentary on the topic of Caucasian men seeking to meet Asian women.

This documentary is titled “Seeking Asian Female”, a film produced and directed by Debbie Lum.

If you have any attraction for women of the orient then you must watch this documentary film.

In the nut shell this documentary chronicles the story of one man who seeks to meet an Asian woman for marriage.

The film crew follows his process as he posts ads on various Asian dating websites, eventually meets his dream girl and subsequently gets married.

If you think the story moves along in a happy fashion you would be incorrect.

While I certainly do not want to give away the details it would be very important for any guy who is fixated on meeting an Asian woman to watch this tale to get a dose of reality.

I am someone who has dated many Asian women over the years and eventually married a beautiful woman from Japan.

So when I was listening to this podcast, and hearing the story unfold, I could very much relate to the relationship issues this couple encountered!

Being that he is from the USA and she is from China you will discover that it is not just culture and language that interferes with their budding relationship…

…but you will need to watch the documentary to see how the entire story unfolds.

Attracted to Asian women?

Watch this documentary if you can find it anywhere playing at a movie-house in your area. I think you will be very glad you did.

Here is a link to the film maker’s website for more information on the film. – Click Here

If you are very attracted to Asian women this is a must see documentary!

Here is a short video that discusses this documentary. Enjoy the video!


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