Settings goals to boost self esteem!

boost self esteemHere we have a video that discusses setting goals – which is critical if you want to be more confident, self assured and boost self esteem. Why? Because beautiful women are only attracted to men who are confident, successful and taking their lives in a positive direction! They want men who have purpose in their lives and they are respected by those around them. Is this you?

If not, then you need to start moving your life forward and be serious about setting and achieving goals for yourself! The more you achieve goals you boost self esteem; you establish for yourself feelings of being in control of your life – which is critical for a healthy sense of self worth.

Did you know that all successful people set goals? Did you also know that most unsuccessful people don’t bother with goal setting? That’s right; both of these statements are true! The question is: Which of these statements label you in regards to goal setting?

Right now sit down, put pen to paper and divide it up into four columns. Column one is Health/Fitness; Column two is Financial, Column Three is Social and Column Four is Family. These are to be your four core areas to set goals for.

Now write down weekly, monthly and quarterly goals for each core area! Stretch yourself! Start that business, lose 20 pounds of fat, rekindle your relationship with your dad… just start writing… and doing!

The next step is to work towards your goals – and keep track of your progress! This will make you far more attractive to women than anything else! As now you are a man with a plan! You are a man with purpose! You are a man a woman would be interested in!

There is no better way to boost self esteem than accomplishing goals!

Enjoy the video!

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