Short Guys Can Get Girls. Yes They Can!

Short Guys Can Get GirlsIf you are short, say, for example, under 5’8” tall there is still hope that you can attract very sexy and beautiful women! Now that may seem to be a challenge to you but let me assure you despite your lack of height there is a very real possibility of getting the girl of your dreams.

I want you to think about all the short famous actors who no difficulty in attracting truly beautiful women. Think of Al Pacino, Tom Cruise and even goofy Ben Stiller. These guys always have a beautiful woman in their lives… despite their short height!

Here’s how you can too!

Short Guys Can Get Girls.  Yes They Can!

ONE:   Come to the understanding some women will not want to be with a guy who is short.

That is just a given that you will have to live with.

Get comfortable with this and DO NOT let it bother you!

TWO:   Work on your overall appearance by getting VERY FIT!

If you are short and you are overweight you will not very unappealing!

Get lean, work on your six pack and build muscle.

What you lose in height you can gain in physique! Keep in mind that women CRAVE very fit men – even short ones!

THREE:   Confident and successful men are like catnip for women. Get busy working on your self-esteem by moving your life forward in regards to your career, hobbies and friendships!

Become an “interesting man” that others like to be around. You will quickly see that women will want to be with you because you are truly a guy of value and significance.

So whatever you do not let your short height discourage you in your efforts to meet women. So, yes, short guys can get girls!


article: Short Guys Can Get Girls. Yes They Can!

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