Should women wake up earlier than their men so they can fix breakfast?

Should women should wake up earlier than their men so they can fix breakfast?What a question to ask! But, there is a very obvious answer based on whether the woman is working or if she is a housewife/ “stay at home” mom. Let’s delve into my answer quickly here.

I have been involved with many women over the years with the vast majority of these women having stressful career positions.

This entailed getting up early and going to court, or going to the hospital or getting on a plane. These gals were career driven and very focused, thus their time away from the stressful environment of a professional career was very limited.

I would never expect a woman I was living with to wakeup earlier than myself to make me breakfast, or even just make me coffee.

I mean, who am I to think these women are to be my personal servant? Especially when they have their own stressful jobs to contend with!


if the woman is a “stay at home” mom, then I do expect her to be more of a homemaker type of girlfriend (or wife) and cater to me and our relationship due to the fact that I am the primary (and only) financial resource.

My job is to take care of her financially, thus having a fairly stressful life in order to do so.

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I feel the very least my “housewife-wife” can do is get up and make me breakfast, wash the dishes and take care of the household.

If I found myself married to a woman who did not work and she refused to do the above items then she would be gone fairly quickly.

At that point I certainly would not need her; and more likely than not, I would not want her either.

After all, I certainly have no difficulty finding attractive Asian women to be dating.

I hope this answers the above question!

Here is an interesting video found on YouTube titled: Submissive Wife Caters to Her Husband – The Way it Should Be


article: Should women wake up earlier than their men so they can fix breakfast?


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