Speed Dating Tips for Men

Speed Dating Tips for MenAt some during your dating exploits I bet you have considered speed dating.  If you are still thinking of trying this method of meeting some ladies then you need to follow the following speed dating tips to ensure your success!

ONE: Make eye contact!    That’s right, make sure when you engage in the conversation you look her in the eyes and not glance away too often.  If you do glance away too often she will perceive this action as being weak and thus judge you as lacking in confidence. Seriously not good!

TWO: Don’t brag or be self-aggrandizing.   There is nothing more of a turn-off to women than sitting down with a guy..

…and having seven minutes to talk to see if there is any attraction to only have the guy tell her how great he is!!

More likely than not she will pass on you very quickly!

THREE: Realize you have only a few brief minutes.   In most speed dating venues it’s like 5 to 10 minutes and that’s it.

Once the time is done a bell goes off and you both are expected to go to another table to meet yet another person of the opposite sex.  So you must be engaging enough so she is interested in spending more time with you away from this particular speed dating event.

FOUR: Taylor the brief conversation about her!     For the short seven minutes you will have make sure you tailor the conversation around her and her interests.  Ask open ended questions that will give you information while at the same time are fun and not too serious.  Make sure she enjoys her seven minutes with you so much she can’t wait to talk with you more later that evening.

FIVE: Come relaxed and not uptight!    Every once in a while at these events you run into a guy who is very nervous and uptight.  Instead of coming to have a good time he is focusing too much on trying to meet his future wife.  What you should do is come with no expectations other than to have some good conversations and have a few laughs!

Translation:  come relaxed and be prepared to enjoy yourself!

SIX: Watch your posture!     Because the night may drag on a for a couple of hours where you will be sitting at a table for most of that time make sure you watch your “sitting posture”.  A lot of men have a tendency to slump in a chair instead of sitting upright.  The way to cure this is to always be aware of your posture and make it a priority throughout the night!

SEVEN: Confident men get the chicks!    No surprise here.  Shy quiet guys will be quickly passed over by the women.  The confident guy is the guy who is laughing, having fun and truly doesn’t give a shit about the woman sitting in front of him.  He wants to enjoy her company, be himself and maybe meet a lady to hang out with at some point.  If she is not interested he will think:  So what! There are 15 other girls here that will be available later!

In closing…

Speed dating can be a very fun way to meet a large number of women in a very short period of time.  If memory serves me correctly I believe at one time Match.com had some speed dating events going on throughout the country at various cities.  Just Google your city for speed dating events and sign up!


article: Speed Dating Tips for Men


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