Spice Up Your Weight Loss

Spice Up Your Weight LossWant to lose weight? Want to be more appealing to women? Not sure how to go about it? Then you need to read this post to help you get started!

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Hundreds, if not thousands of weight loss articles have written and you have probably tried some of them. Some work well for different people but unless you really make it a habit or a way of life, people always have a tendency to go back to their old ways, gain more weight than what they have lost and start all over with their diet program and try a new one at that.

In most cases people would jump from one weight loss program to the next depending on what reviews they read or hear about it.

Especially when they reach a plateau in their weight loss, they start to become impatient and switch to a new one.

Research is never at a standstill on trying to discover new and better ways to lose weight.

We all know that in order to burn fat you need to turn up the heat. The body temperature is the one responsible for burning fat; that is the logic behind cardio exercises.

When you do cardio, your heart pumps faster using up more energy as your body temperature rises and you work up a sweat. Now you can create the same fat burning effect without the intensity of an exercise.

Recent studies show that heating up your diet with spices can burn fats for up to 40-100 calories. Not as much as cardio exercises does but it can add to the weight loss process; while exercising, add more spice to your food and lose more weight. When you eat more spice, the thermogenesis that happens when you are working out is also activated.

The body produces heat when you eat spicy food thus cranking up the metabolism. When the metabolism is working double time, your body does not retain any food but rather digests it quickly to generate more energy for the body.

If you are not a fan of spicy hot food you can choose which spices you want and just add them to your daily diet, just make sure there is enough of spice on each meal. The spices that are effective in helping you lose weight are chili, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne and mustard seed.

Spice Up Your Weight Loss

They all have the effect you need to speed up your metabolism. Chili has the ability to raise up your body temperature right after eating; this is the reason why you work up a sweat when you are eating food richly smothered with chili. Chili contains capsaicin that pumps up the metabolism and oxidizes fat quickly.

Black pepper on the other hand has piperine which also boosts the metabolism. Cinnamon is known to promote healthy processing of carbohydrates and lowers blood sugar levels. We all know that high blood sugar level is what causes a person to eat more as they always feel hungry.

Cayenne and mustard seed has the same effect as Chili, while ginger is diuretic properties that help you lose excess water through urine elimination. It also helps with gastric mobility improving the transfer of food and waste to the digestive tract.

If you want to see significant change in your weighing scale and waistline, spice up your food and see quick results.

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article: Spice Up Your Weight Loss

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