SwingShot HD Video Camera Golf Swing Training Aid

SwingShot HD Video Camera Golf Swing Training AidI am not a golfer. I find the sport uninteresting and very boring to participate in. That is until a buddy of mine needing a fourth begged me to join him and his golf cronies to complete his group. Upon arrival at the course I could not help but notice the two other players who were accompanying my friend on the links… two very attractive Korean ladies who looked very sexy in their golfing outfits!!!

For some reason golf is a sport (or activity) that many Japanese and Korean ladies actively participate in. The few times I played golf after that particular day I would always find these gorgeous ladies on the course. I realized that by playing more golf I could greatly enhance my ability to connect with these very attractive and cosmopolitan Asian ladies!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B009OMPPC8″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31l5iZR-OGL.jpg” width=”140″]But my golf game was awful… and I was not very interested in the sport despite the appeal of meeting women on the course.

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However, if I was looking to better my game, improve my swing and reduce my bloated handicap then I really needed a tool like the SwingShot HD Video Camera Golf Swing Training Aid w/ GPS Range Finder to help me do that.

The SwingShot HD Video Camera Golf Swing Training Aid is a very cool device to have with you while on the greens! It is quickly implanted in the green, pointing in the direction of where you are hitting the ball. That’s it!!

The SwingShot was created by golfers for golfers. The company was founded to solve a problem that most any golfer can identify with – being frustrated knowing there is something wrong with your game, but having no clue what it is.

The initial concept was simple – let golfers see what they are doing out on the course without slowing play in any way. The company has developed a number of key innovations that make it possible to store and share your entire round or just your favorite shots on the Internet.

The SwingShot camera was specifically designed to be stored right alongside you golf clubs. This enables golfers to easily grab the SwingShot camera as they are selecting a club for each shot. Plant the camera’s turf spike in the grass ~12 feet behind (or beside) the ball and aim the arrow on top of the camera straight over the ball.

Press the one and only button to activate the recording function, and proceed with your swing as usual. When finished with your shot, press the button to deactivate the camera, remove it from the grass, and drop it back in your bag with your golf club.

Now I have no excuses for not improving my golf game! Hopefully with this camera I can improve my chances of lowering the number of strokes for the day as well as bettering my chances with ladies on the course… 😉

article: SwingShot HD Video Camera Golf Swing Training Aid

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