The Coolest Date I Have Ever Been On!

Creative date ideasBack when I was about 31 years old I met a very attractive and older Filipina when I was carousing with my buddies. It was the typical eye contact first, my friends ribbing me about the potential they saw in this sexy woman and then her walking up to me to say hello – kind of thing.

I don’t recall her name, unfortunately, as this was numerous years ago. But I do recall that she was an incredible woman who was very provocative, sexy and successful. She was 45, very fit and even dabbled in women’s fitness contests at that time.

She is responsible for the coolest date I have ever been on – seriously! Briefly here is what that night entailed:

It was my birthday, and it happened to be our 3rd date, so we were still in that get to know you period. So the anticipation of being with a new woman was very present and on the forefront of my mind.

First, she sends me a bouquet of flowers to my office as a warm-up for the evening. The message that came with the flowers was “suggestive” and certainly built up the anticipation for our date that evening!

I was to meet her outside in front of my office where she told me she would pick me to take me to dinner. Upon waiting for about 5 minutes, a long white stretch limo pulls up; the driver gets out, asks me if I am Mr. Quinn then proceeds to open the rear door for me to enter.

Upon entering the limo it was dark, smelled of flowers, had smooth jazz playing on the sound system and my girl was sitting across the way from me wearing only a sexy and revealing negligee! Wine, music and “interesting” company made for our ride around the island very memorable to say the least.

The Coolest Date I Have Ever Been On!

An hour and a half later we pull up to a jazz club, listened to some very fine music for about an hour and then shuttled off to one of the best restaurants on the island for an excellent French style dinner overlooking Waikiki. She was very attentive, very affectionate and very fun to be with!

When leaving her apartment in the early morning hours the next morning, wearing my much wrinkled suit, the doorman opens the door for me and says: “here you go sir… looks like you had an interesting evening!”

Needless to say, he was right! It had been a fantastic evening!

Lesson Learned: Come up with Creative date ideas!

This woman really tried to make an impression on me with this particular date… and SHE DID! This is what you should be doing in order to impress the woman you are trying to woo and date!

Creative date ideas need to be focused on HER and what she likes! Very much like what this woman did for me as she knew I liked jazz, really enjoyed the restaurant we attended and did whatever it took for the evening to be memorable for both of us!

Do this and you WILL be a Success with Women!

Her creative approach to having an exotic, classy and sexy evening paved the way for a very nice relationship that lasted up until she moved to the mainland eight months later to be closer to her kids! My loss!

Here’s a funny video on the best date ever.  Enjoy!


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