The Nasty Wife and the Weak Husband

The Nasty Wife and the Weak HusbandYou see it almost every day:  the wife who totally dominates her weak and pathetic husband. You see them in the grocery store, the dry cleaners and at your favorite restaurant. While your heart goes out to the poor guy you also understand the fact that he probably deserves his bitchy spouse.

Having a few friends and several acquaintances who are married to very difficult women I am always shocked at the verbal abuse they seem to take on a daily basis. The harsh unfriendly and nasty attitude and behaviors thrown at them by their wives constantly shocks me… and yet they stay in the marriage!

If you find that you are in such an abusive relationship here are three things you can do to change your predicament.

Number One:   Take Back Control

It’s time to grow some balls and take control. No more taking her crap and no more being a wimp! You take her by the hand, take her to the couch, you sit her down and you let her know that things are going to change as of now.

If she does not understand and is not agreeable to you putting your foot down, thus not allowing her to be abusive to you anymore… well, tough shit for her. You let her know that the next time she becomes aggressive and disrespectful to you that will be the last. You inform her that you will pack your bags and you will leave that night.

Tell her upfront, so it’s very clear, that you will no longer tolerate her crap and that you The Nasty Wife and the Weak Husbandwould rather live without her and be happy than to live with her and be miserable. And mean it!

Be prepared for her to try to test you; thus, have your bags already packed as you know this will happen… so when it does you grab bags, your keys and your bank accounts and you bail.

The very next morning you call your attorney, you place an ad on and you start dating other women. It really is that simple.

Number Two:   Go to Counseling – Both of You

I don’t know about you but I have tried counseling with my ex-wife in the past, and I cannot honestly say that it worked. People are people and anyone over the age of 15 just will not change.

After six months of weekly counseling sessions there were minor changes in the both of us, but not enough to correct the relationship problems. Her constant negative behaviors towards me became so overwhelming that my “attraction switch” just turned off – permanently.

After several more months of continued counseling I came to the conclusion we both would not change and I did file for divorce. Probably the best decision I ever made as I am now currently very happily married and have a nice young family. Plus my current wife is a true sweetheart.

Number Three:   Pack Your Bags Right Now and Leave… Now!

This is probably the best option and the easiest to configure. One night she is verbally abusive and condescending towards you in front of your friends.

This has happened on numerous occasions and for some reason this night you just had it!!!

Upon arriving home with your wife you proceed to pack your bags as she looks at you – mortified and confused, as she would think you would never leave her. Boy is she wrong! She tears-up and pleads with you, she cries and yells at you… then she starts to beg.

You keep packing your bags, you call your friend to pick you up and from that night on this woman is no longer your wife. Good for you. Very wise decision.

In Closing…

Being married to a bitch is no fun. Many women get on this track of being a nag and self-centered; thus, blaming all of their ills on their husband. After a period of time the husband gets so tired of it that he no longer desires his wife.

As stated above this is happened to me. The best thing I did was to leave that relationship and not look back. Many years later I find out that she came close to becoming married on three separate occasions and in all three instances the men decided not to. I wonder why?

article: The Nasty Wife and the Weak Husband

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