Things to Consider Before Moving to Hawaii

Things to Consider Before Moving to HawaiiMoving to Hawaii is a very appealing thought for most people. For some of us it actually became a reality and is now our new home. However, as stated in the previous article about moving to Hawaii, surviving Hawaii financially can be a challenging experience.

I know of many single men that have moved to Hawaii in pursuit of the beautiful beaches, the relaxed lifestyle and of course, the beautiful and exotic Asian ladies. Before a decision is made to move to Hawaii here are the top four reasons moving to Hawaii may not be the best option for you.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a person who has moved to Hawaii and encountered all four of these particular issues.

Things to Consider Before Moving to Hawaii!!!


PROBLEM ONE: the high cost of living!!    I was just interviewing several candidates from the mainland for a director level position in the company I currently work for. All of these applicants want to move to Hawaii and seemed very passionate about making this happen.

But, when discussing the cost of living here in Hawaii over half of the applicants I did speak too seemed to lose interest in making the transition to our tropical island. For example: one gentleman did ask if he could find a nice house, three bedroom two bath, for under $200,000?

My response was that the average home price here in Hawaii is almost $700,000!!! I then asked him what he paid for a gallon of milk where he currently lives. His answer: $2.50. I educated him that the cost of a gallon of milk here on Oahu is between $5.00 and $10.00 for that same gallon of milk. He was in shock. And… he withdrew his application for the job.

So, the message here is that if you are planning to move to Hawaii you must be well prepared for the high cost of living! If you come to Hawaii uneducated about how expensive it is to live here you will certainly regret your decision within months of transitioning to Oahu.

PROBLEM TWO: a lack luster job market!    All of the islands of Hawaii have very little in the form of manufacturing and high tech as far as jobs go. Most of the jobs here in Things to Consider Before Moving to HawaiiHawaii are based on a service industry economy. This translates to low paying jobs that really force the worker to seek one or possibly two part time jobs on top of their current full-time job just to make ends meet.

If you are a retail store manager or a hotel worker belonging to a union there is a very high likelihood that your income from these particular jobs, as an example, will be under $45,000 per year. With the high cost of food, rent and transportation you will be struggling on this type of salary.

Just about all of the folks I work with during my full-time career position work a second job and some even work a third job so they can afford a half way decent living here in Honolulu. I, myself, make considerably more than the above mentioned $45,000 per year for my daytime career position, but I still have a small cleaning business that I operate to augment my income.

The job market is very limited in the quality of jobs that are offered. If you are a chemical engineer, for example, you would be best suited to seek employment somewhere else.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0983888701″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]PROBLEM THREE: pay scales are somewhat compressed!    Not much to say here other than state the fact that people somehow think that when they move to Hawaii they will also be getting higher rates of compensation due to higher cost of living. This is not the case at all! As a matter of fact the only employees that get a cost of living differential are the military and Federal workers who are transferred to our islands.

I can still remember, when I was doing medical recruiting out of my home several years back, I placed a Physician with a local hospital. His income for his new job here in Hawaii was paying only 2/3 what he was making back in San Diego. At first he was OK with this. Fast forward six months after arriving on Oahu, the cost of living in the lower income forced him to move back to San Diego!

This is something that most people do not recognize when they first think about moving to Hawaii. People here in Hawaii work very hard for the money they make, which is usually lower than many other geographic locations on the United States mainland.

Now that is something to really think about!

PROBLEM FOUR: the homeless are everywhere!    For some reason Hawaii is becoming inundated with homeless people, with many coming from the mainland. They are everywhere… and I mean everywhere! They are in Wakiki; they are in the downtown business area; they are in Kailua! If you are to head out to the leeward coast they just about are taking over the entire town of Waianae!

The very poor job market coupled with the very high cost of living create a unique environment for people to eventually struggle to keep a roof over their head. What this does create is a higher rate of homelessness. So when you do arrive on the island of Oahu you will see scores of homeless people populating our public Parks, so do not be surprised. This is very sad!!

In closing…

Things to Consider Before Moving to HawaiiIf you should choose to move to Hawaii in your effort to meet beautiful and sexy Asian ladies these are the top four things you must be aware of.

Keep in mind, before you make that final decision to transition to our tropical islands you really must do your research and become as informed as you possibly can.

For if you do not, you will be one of the many that come, they eventually find a job (a low paying job at that) and then make the decision to leave after a short period of 3 to 6 months.

Our next article will cover some logistics you will need to do to make your move the Hawaii as easy as possible. Why move to Hawaii? The beautiful Asian ladies, of course!

article: Things to Consider Before Moving to Hawaii

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