Three Steps to Building Self Confidence

building self confidenceIn today’s article we are going to discuss three steps to building self confidence. I feel if you focus on these three steps, or continued actions, moving your life forward thus resulting in setting and achieving small goals or milestones you will become much more confident and self assured!

Why improve your self confidence? Because women, especially beautiful, sexy, attractive women won’t date men who are weak and “un-capable”! So you can see building self confidence is critical for your success with women!

Here are the steps you should take starting immediately, so take action today, now!

Step one: Get fit! Why? Chances are you are overweight, have little muscle density and can barely run 100 yards… that is if you are the average American male! The obesity epidemic has really hit America hard with over 50% of all American men being overweight to obese!

You can change this by performing 60 minutes of exercise everyday – and I mean every day! Not only will you see improvements in how your body looks you will start to feel much more energized and “physically capable” than you have ever before in your life! Building self confidence through fitness works… and it will work for you.

Along with this new found energy you will start to feel more confident in your body’s ability to perform physical tasks; which will result in improved feelings of wellness and inner strength! This only leads to a new confident you!

Step two: Improve your financial situation! Start a new career, start a small business or invest in appreciating assets. We men need to be successful financially in order to feel good about ourselves! In other words: the bigger our bank account the more confident we feel about ourselves!

Building self confidence is all about moving your life forward; and for most men we measure this forward motion by financial success.

Step three: become the problem solver! If you are like many guys out there who are always complaining about their lives, jobs or friends then you truly need to change this behavior! You do this by taking control of your life, holding yourself – and only yourself – accountable for where you are at in life. You then formulate a plan to move forward in improving your situation, doing whatever it takes to get you where you want to be in life.

You also will want to look at how you can help others around you as men who help others and become a “resource for others” are often looked upon as… more manly! And when you start helping those around you solve their problems you become more confident in your own capabilities!

My recommendation is to stick to the above “three steps to building self confidence” for at least 90 days. Perhaps keep a journal to record your thoughts, methods and discoveries during this 90 day period of time. I firmly believe you will be a brand new person on day 90 that will be completely different than the person you were on day one!

Good Luck!

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