Three Types of Women to Avoid

Three Types of Women to AvoidWe have all dated these women at some point in our pasts. These are the women that we now know all men should just avoid. They cause all kinds of grief and emotional hardship just because of who and what they are.

Here is my list of the three types of women to avoid. This is not a final list as there are numerous other types of women to totally stay away from; but this list should suffice as the beginning list for all men to be on the lookout for and to avoid.

The Bitch

I know this woman very well! I was married to a woman who I would classify as a true bitch in that she was never happy with anything I had ever done for her or ever contributed to the relationship.

I never made enough money; I never had the right friends; I was always boring; I could never drive well enough for her; I could never hang out with my friends…

You get my drift! Funny thing is I should’ve seen it long before we ever got married.  And what is even funnier is that I think I did! I believe it was after the very first date that I very quickly realized that this woman was truly a nasty individual.

But I was a younger guy at the time and she was an incredibly beautiful Asian woman! She was also an Attorney, ex beauty queen and had tons of men chasing her. So all like an idiot I stayed with dating her which eventually morphed into a marriage. Stupid me!!!

Of course, many years later, we are now divorced and whenever I do run into her at some social setting I avoid her like the plague! I treat her like she is some stranger and make zero effort to talk with her or engage with her in any way, shape or form.

The message here is: stayed away from any woman you think is a bitch!

The Attention Whore

Living in Hawaii as a single guy you eventually come across that very beautiful, exotic, model type of woman. Dating these types of women most often turns into a very challenging and unrewarding romantic relationship from hell.

This one particular woman I dated was a calendar girl/bikini contest babe. Everywhere we went someone knew her, or she had dated them or she had used them for some personal gain. She was very accustomed to using her fantastic looks to manipulate people to get what she wanted!

Dating an attention whore is like being married to a celebrity and you are just a normal person who was playing the role of the unknown spouse. After she is done primping and posing for attention everywhere she goes she may remember you are with her that day.

You see, she is the center of her world and you are but a supporting cast member. Once your usefulness ends she will drop you like a hot potato only to seek out her next stooge!

One important note to make here: if you find yourself dating such a woman hide your wallet!!

The Emotionally Damaged

Three Types of Women to AvoidDating women who are emotionally damaged is much easier than you think. For some reason it just seems to me that many women come with some sort of baggage or emotional affliction, no matter who they are.

I knew I was in trouble when I started dating this local Japanese lady here in Honolulu whereupon she would call me several times a day at my workplace.

She was also very eager to get me into the sack and go out of her way to make sure I was very happy in the bedroom department from the very first date.

She did not work but was living off of her divorce alimony payments, thus still sucking financially off of her ex-husband. A clue that she had some emotional imbalance came early on when she would have bouts of crying and aggressive anger towards everyone around her.

Then came a strange story from her adult daughter who claimed her mother, the lady I was dating, had slept with the daughter’s boyfriend. Then another strange story, that came from a close friend of hers, stating that my new girlfriend had spent time in a mental hospital… like three months! Yikes!!!

Keep in mind I am your normal guy who loves sex and loves sexy Asian ladies. This particular woman, despite being emotionally damaged, was incredibly beautiful but so fucked-up in the head! Let’s just say the relationship ended badly.

In conclusion…

These are my top three types of women to avoid. Having experienced these types of women I can assure you that once you do as well you will start heading my advice. Of course, to find an attractive, sexy and normal acting woman can be a challenge as many women seem to have some sort of issue that follows them from relationship to relationship.

Now that’s something to truly think about… and be wary of!


article: Three Types of Women to Avoid

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