Tired of failing with women? Figure out why!

Tired of failing with womenSo the last date you had did not go well. The girls you approached last weekend snubbed you pretty bad. And the blind date your friends set you up with last night would not give you her phone number after the date ended. What’s up with that?

Aren’t you tiered of failing with women? If you are, and I bet you truly are, then you need to truly asses what it is that seems to repel them from you.

Here are three things you can do to turn this around.

Tired of failing with women? Figure out why!

ONE:   Get an Assessment. Have several of your lady friends critique your approach, mannerisms and personal style.

Ask what they would change about your personality to become more appealing to women.

Whatever they tell you do not get upset as their information will only help you change course as far attracting women.

TWO:   Take a good hard look in the mirror.

Do you like what you see? Are you proud of the physique you have? I would bet probably not.

Get into the gym and make a concerted effort to get lean, grow some muscle and work on those six pack abs!

THREE:   Stop focusing on meeting women!! That’s right. Stop focusing on meeting women and focus more on living your life! Pursue new hobbies, take up a sport and take an evening class or two.

By becoming more involved with life at some point you will meet someone who may be of interest to you… and when you least expect it!

Tired of failing with women? Star with the above three actions steps and you will see things start to turn around quickly!

article: Tired of failing with women? Figure out why!

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