Try These to Meet Your Next Girlfriend!

Dating is rough for men and women both. The risk of rejection coupled with the chance of actually finding someone we are compatible with and like makes the scene feel even bleaker.

There is an average 13% more single men than women on the market, many in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Over 55% of single people report finding it impossible to meet people. The situation isn’t as bleak as we think.

Here are three places where to meet women and how to do it.

1 Online Dating Sites – There are many to choose from, so how do you know which to choose? There are free and paid sites to choose from… pick several that appeal to you and try at least three. Know what you are looking for and be upfront and honest.

Quite a few of these sites have singles nights, dance nights and meet-up groups to actually connect you with locals. With the book “Internet Dating is Not Like ordering Pizza,” you can find plenty of tips and tricks for successful dating.

2 Your Network – That’s right, barring meeting people through work, your friends and social connections are likely where to meet women. Rather than being fixed up on blind dates, try putting yourself out there and getting invited to outings and meet-ups with your friends.

Having a good time with friends is a great way to attract what you want. Get out, enjoy yourself, and have fun with friends and family.

3 Become Distracted – Just like lost keys and cellphones, finding the right woman will happen when you are least expecting it. So, get set up to have some fun and dive into recreation and hobbies.

Forgo the bar scene and speed dating events, instead take up one of the 9 best hobbies for meeting people below. But don’t get caught up in trying to create a date or relationship in those you meet, but a good friendship, which is the corner stone to creating something lasting and genuine.

1 Dance Lesson – Plenty of single ladies are here looking for partners, so learn to dance!

2 Wine Tasting – Skip the bar Scene, learn a few things about wine.

3 Dog Parks – If you have a dog. Or, get another pet, then find something centered on your type of pet.

4 Singles Groups – Places like “Events and Adventures” set up singles events to connect people.

5 Art and Music – if you appreciate either find the art district or live band and brush up your people skills.

6 Acting Classes – Improve your social skills and confidence while meeting other singles.

7 Physical Fitness – Get involved improving your health and your attraction level gets a boost.

8 Community Service – Getting involved in your community is a great way to help those in need and find others who share your interests.

9 Take a Trip – do something out of your comfort zone and do some traveling; you just might meet someone along the way.

We are possessed with this idea that the bar scene is where to meet women. In fact, it’s the worst. Getting involved in life instantly makes us more attractive and it gives us a confidence boost.

When you shift from trying to pick up women to trying to make friends with mutual interests, so does our ability to attract women. The best place to find them is out living life, if we get busy living life, we will meet women doing the same, and like minds attract.

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