Two drinks, two girls and one pissed-off friend!

how to get women to approach youOver the years I have had numerous evenings of chasing the skirts with some pretty darn good success! Let me tell you about one night in particular and the lessons learned that will benefit your efforts in trying to meet women.  What a night that was!… Two drinks, two girls and one pissed-off friend!

This is not a modest statement: in most instances I have had the very unique luck of having women approach me which resulted in very little need to approach women with whom I would be interested in meeting.

This particular night in question happened to be a night out with a group of friends at a local nightclub here in Honolulu. As we are standing as a group of guys – talking story, drinking our beers and having a good time the waitress appears and states:

The girl standing over there would like to buy you a drink“. Of which I responded: sure!

My drink is delivered, my friends start to give me some serious shit about a woman buying me a drink (as this does happen to me on occasion); when suddenly a minute or two later a different waitress taps me on my shoulder and states:

You see that woman standing over there, by the DJ? She would like to buy you a drink; what would you like?”This would be woman number two!

Needless to say I accepted the drink and made my way over to the first woman to thank her for buying me a drink. She was a tourist and much younger than I.

I spent about 5 minutes talking with her when I excused myself stating I needed to check in with my friends –which bought me some time to go talk to the other woman who bought me a drink as well.

Two drinks, two girls and one pissed-off friend! WHAT a NIGHT!!

Upon speaking to the second woman I could see that my friends were getting irritated that I was not hanging with them, but rather talking to these two women! Needless to say the second woman was very attractive, local Japanese and very interesting to have a conversation with.

By the time I made it back over to my friends my best buddy was quite angry with me. According to him it seems that whenever we go out I am always pursued and my time is spent more with the women expressing interest than with my guy friends. Which was true.

As it turned out I ended up having a fairly long relationship with the local Japanese woman that lasted almost two years! And yes, she was very sexy, exotic and awesome in the bedroom!

A few days after that particular evening concluded my friend who was pissed off meets me for coffee and asks me: How is it that you get all these women to approach you? Why does that happen?

My response:

Lessons Learned: How to get women to approach YOU!

ONE: I never go out with my drinking buddies with the sole intention of meeting women. I go out to have a good time with my friends. I enjoy their company, laugh, joke and engage in interesting conversation. I have a good time and it shows!

TWO: I am a very fit, tan and a well-dressed guy! I am NOT the average guy who white-knuckles his drinks, is overweight and lacks confidence! Certainly not!

THREE: I am confident, self-assured and don’t give a shit if I meet a girl that night or not! My focus is on having a good time with my friends! To the women who notice me I may come across as a challenge to them as I am NOT your typical guy scoping them out.

FOUR: I dress well. I usually dress better than what is required of the night. This usually has me stand out against the guys who dress a little too casual!

I think this is why women approach me and not any of my friends!

Certainly food for thought. What can you take away from this article? Just read the last 100 words or so and you will have the women approaching you as well!

Here’s a video with a different view of how to get women to approach you!


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