Want to Move to Hawaii?

Want to Move to HawaiiI just got an email from a guy who read my post on where to meet women in Honolulu and he states in his email he wants to move here! I quickly responded to his email with some pointers on how to successfully relocate to our fair island of Oahu. I’ll share some of the points here.

First, in this post I’ll discuss the good things about moving to Hawaii. In following posts I’ll discuss some of the “not so positive” elements of moving to Hawaii. And then finally I’ll have a third post on some logistical things to be aware of before making the big move.

Why move to Hawaii? Well if you are a single guy there are a ton of reasons! Here are my top four.

ONE: The beautiful Asian women!    Hawaii has no shortage of beautiful Asian women to select from. No matter what your preference, whether it be Japanese, Chinese, Filipino or Korean! And if they are surfer girls they will come with dark tans and incredible bodies! Want to meet an Asian girl? Hawaii is the place to meet beautiful women!!

TWO: The weather is incredible!    I just got off the phone with a guy who lives in the northern part of Michigan where he says the temperature today is hovering around 9 degrees!!! Yikes! I quickly responded to him that today, here in Honolulu, it is a sunny day with the temperature being a nice 82 degrees.

THREE: The most beautiful beaches in the World!    All you need to do is visit the North Shore of Oahu and you will be spell bound by the beauty of these beaches. If you go during the winter months you will see twenty to thirty foot waves… and these are truly awesome and breath taking when you see the power of mother nature.

FOUR: A ton of things to do.    Whether you are an outdoor person or not there are a ton of things to do here on Oahu. Tennis, surfing, sailing, beach activities to name a few.

And lets not forget about the many, many restaurants to select from!

And the night life… there are a ton of places to dance, drink or just hangout so you can meet that exotic Asian lady!

Obviously I am just scratching the surface here; but choosing to live in Hawaii is a great opportunity for the single guy! What’s stopping you?

My next post will discuss some of the negatives about moving to Hawaii you MUST be aware of!

article: Want to Move to Hawaii?

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