What and How to Text To a Girl You Like

What and How to Text To a Girl You LikeIf you want to talk to some girl by sending and receiving text messages, normal conversation styles do not work here.

Texting is very different because neither of you are talking face to face, where you can see the immediate reaction of whatever you say nor it is like talking over phone which at least gives you chance to sense the other person’s mood by his or her tone.

Moreover, when you want to text to a girl, it is better to judge before what you actually want to talk about. If you have some special feelings for this girl and you want to express them, here are some authentic tips for what and how to text to a girl.


Timing is most important for any conversation. Texting is considered best when somebody is sitting idle, listening to music or just going to sleep in bed. If your lady of interest is free, she will reply your text. If you text some poetic lines, it will make her evening pleasant.

Writing some decent appreciative words can also make a magical beginning for a romantic texting. In case the texting gets tuned, you can carry on asking her more to open up and express yourself gradually.

How to initiate texting

Start with a simple “Just felt to say hi” or “how was your day” to make it sound casual. Just remember, it is never bad to say hello. Nobody except eccentric people would get irritated by a wish or hello. In case, you already know the girl you are texting, you don’t need to be formal that much and can simply go ahead.

Make it Short

Do not bore your girl with lengthy messages. Nobody wants to flip through long texts. Sometimes such long messages get broken in parts, which make them useless as well as incomprehensive.

It is better to write simple, short texts without making them sound too heavy. Also, remember asking questions will get you a chance to know the girl more and thus open doors to her heart.

Ask her about personal life, family and leisure time

Asking about family’s well-being and daily life to anybody makes her feel being cared. Your girl will realize you care for her and this will also motivate her to continue the talks. After all this is what you want.

When you ask about how she spends her free time, giving a hint about your own desire to be with her for some moment can be expressed.

Using Pet name

If you feel the girl you are texting to, does not mind your being informal, ask her pet name or just surprise her by giving a new name to her. Do emphasize why you like calling her so.

This will make a lead to romantic talks. Ask her also, if she wants to call you by your pet name. After all, there are only few people in this world who care to give you a pet name! This will definitely make her feel special!

Get naughty if you feel the iron is hot

Texting may get naughtier, if you are getting positive and indirect responses. There are many ways when you can feel a girl’s ‘No’ sounds ‘Yes.’ Now, this is your turn to take a lead.

Go on, ask her for a date, a movie or just a simple outing. In case you feel an urge to express yourself over text, you can say you have been missing her these days in different ways or you have started thinking seriously about her. If she also has some likings for you, the text will always return with a nod!!

I think that you are now not wondering what and how to text a girl. If you are still wondering at this question, I suggest you to read this article once again.

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