What Can I do? My Wife Hates Sex!

What Can I do? My Wife Hates Sex!What a bummer that is! Unless your wife is an old, fat smelly woman! But, being married and having the woman not be interested in sex can be a problem, especially if you are a young guy who is in the prime of your life!

First, you need to realize that we are all different in how we desire sex. Some people are predisposed to wanting sex all the time while others are not all that interested in anything sexual.

Then add to the mix the timing of your life. If you are a person over the age of 40 your sexual desire will start to diminish somewhat just because of age.

Then by the time you get to 50 and above there is a high likely hood you may have very little interest in sex just because your hormones have taken a shift in an other direction.

Being 52 at the time of this writing I can attest to the feelings of liberation not being controlled by my testosterone like I was when I was 18!

Now my focus is on more important things, and not so much on getting laid by the next sexy lady!

Surprisingly I prefer this “state of being” as I can now better focus on the “quality of the relationship” instead of always needing the sex. Very nice!

However, if you are still needing sex and your wife is not giving it up then here are FOUR things you can do:

ONE.   Demand sex and threaten to leave if she continues to decline to have sex in the relationship.

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TWO.   Seek couples counseling via a traditional marriage/couples councilor or sex therapist. This may help discover why there is no interest in sex on her part and as a couple work through this issue.

THREE.   Look for sex outside the relationship. Not the most desirable answer but, hey… a guy is a guy and we need sex. Best not to inform your lady of your intentions to do this, though.

FOUR.   Just leave the relationship and find another woman to have a relationship with. While this may be more difficult than initially thought, it may prove to be the most beneficial in the long run… for both of you in the sexless relationship.

Having been in a sexless relationship once I did follow steps two, three and four. I should note that I should have just jumped to step four out of the gate and saved myself a lot of anxiety and unnecessary turmoil!

Here is a video on the topic I think you will find very interesting! Enjoy the video!


article: What Can I do? My Wife Hates Sex!

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