What do Japanese women want in a man?

What do Japanese women want in a man?Having dated many women from Japan and eventually marrying one I think I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on what Japanese women want in the men they settle down with. These three items are what they want in a man but seldom get from their Japanese dating partners, thus many seek relationships with western men.

Keep in mind, while these three are the main selection criteria I have witnessed first hand does not mean she will be somewhat different from the vast majority of Japanese ladies out there! (Updated: June 15, 2016)


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In talking with many of my wife’s lady friends (all from Japan) they have a common concern when dating Japanese men: they are not affectionate and seldom show any physical sign of affection when out in public.

This is where western men can truly shine in the eyes of a Japanese woman.

Most men from Europe or the U.S. are generally affectionate and very emotional when in a relationship.

Since this is what Japanese women want in their relationships, but seldom get, we western men have a huge advantage here!

Attention to the relationship

Just like the above “affection” item many men in Japan seldom pay much attention to their wives after the wedding ceremony.

As most Japanese men become “salary men” they become very devoted to their place of employment, often working 12 hour days and going out with co-workers and clients after the business closes.

This leaves a huge void in the marriage often resulting in the Japanese wife feeling abandoned and alone. If you are the type of guy who can provide romance and attention to the woman you stand a very good chance of having a high quality relationship with a Japanese woman!


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A Provider

If you have spent any time with a woman from Japan you will quickly notice they are very “brand” conscious, in that they only buy the best brands available.

For example: she would not settle for a handbag from Macy’s as it would not pass muster in her book. She would expect a bag from Gucci or Louis Viton… same for the clothes that she will be expecting you to be buying for her.

Translation: you must be a successful guy who can provide and make her look good to her friends. She will insist on only the best and will show disdain if you do not provide top of the line gifts for her.

Once you look like you are not capable of providing the lifestyle she feels she deserves she will start to look elsewhere or treat you very poorly in the relationship!


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In Conclusion…

These are the top three things Japanese women look for in the men that they date. I have seen it over and over in the many Japanese women I have dated and have become friends with. If you are an affectionate guy who can spoil her financially you are in like Flynn!

Here’s a video on this very topic! Enjoy the video!


article: What do Japanese women want in a man?

Updated: 06/15/2016

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