What do women find attractive in men?

What do women find attractive in menThis is the question many men would like to know the answer to so they can better grasp how they need to better interact with women in order to create “attraction”. For most men this will always be an unanswered question! But for some men they not only know the answer but also take it to the next level… thus are very successful with women!!

Women are attracted to Confident Men

Women are truly attracted to confident and self-assured men! If you possess a lot of self-doubt and are timid and shy you will stand very little chance of meeting and interacting with women.

Not only that you will also have almost zero chance of creating “attraction”.

Take a look around you and you will notice the truly beautiful women only dating very confident men.

Take another look around you and you can’t help but notice the shy, quiet guys are usually alone or are dating less attractive women.

The take away here is to work on improving your confidence to better your chances of dating a woman you are truly attracted to.

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Women are attracted to Attractive & Fit Men

Most women prefer their men to be tall, fit and attractive. If you are less than 5’8” tall it does become more difficult to attract the ladies, especially when you consider that over the past 30 or so years the average height of both men and women is ever increasing!

But it boils down to more than just being tall. If you are “out of shape” your chances of attracting a woman start to slide considerably. If you are “fat” then even more so your chances diminish.

The message here is to work on your overall appeal to women by getting as fit as possible. If you were smart and recognize the fact that the more fit you are the more appealing you will be you will then take you your fitness very seriously!

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Women are attracted to Men who have Social Proof

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0060554738″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/519M21CQa5L.jpg” width=”210″]Women will also notice if you have many friends or not. A guy who is a loner and withdrawn sends a signal to women of being a “low value man”.

He is of no interest to others and probably is boring to spend time with.

A man who is friendly and has many friends and interests is the most appealing to women. This shows the ladies he has an interesting life and others find him interesting enough to spend time with.

Get more active with others, turn of the computer and enjoy your friendships.

The take away here is that women want men who are interesting and fun to be. The more interesting your life becomes the more appealing you will be for women!

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In Conclusion…

This one short post should provide enough takeaways for you to make any necessary changes in your life so you can become the man women would be most attracted to. All you need to do is go out and make it happen!

Here’s a video that goes into more actual research in what women find most attractive in men. Read this post; watch this video and you should be much better informed as to what you need to do to get in a better position with the women.


article: What do women find attractive in men?

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