What is Friends with Benefits Dating?

Friends with Benefits DatingToday we are going to discuss the question: What is “friends with benefits dating”? What does it mean if you have a friend who offers benefits? Is this a new concept or just a renaming of something that’s been around for quite some time?

In my world I was either dating the girl or it was a quick one night stand or perhaps a three week fling.

Having a “friend” who also offered her bed to me when I, or she, felt the “need” just wasn’t as pronounced and popular as it is today amongst the younger set.

However, when I was going through college back in the mid 1980’s I did have a girl who was not my girlfriend, nor did we have a romantic interest in each other… but, we certainly did tear up the sheets at night on a regular basis.

I guess you could say she was classified as a “friend with benefits“.

The only common thread with a friend with benefits type of relationship is the unwavering need for sex.

There is no desire for emotional entanglement, no need for affection nor is there any wanting of friendly conversation if sex is not involved.

So how do you go about finding a girl who offers this type of “friendship”? Perhaps this is easier than you think!

If there is no woman in your circle of friends that is an obvious choice then I would recommend a website much like adultfriendfinder.com as a good starting point to locate a potential non-romantic friendship.

I can honestly say I have not spent any great deal of time on this site so I can not say just how easy it would be to find a willing lady friend to have regular interludes with that do not require an emotional entanglement.

When I did last venture onto this website I could not but help notice there were almost ten times more men than women who were active members.

And, I would bet a week’s pay all similar websites offering the same type of memberships have this very same problem.

If the above website does not suit your needs then there is another obvious place to post an ad… and this website may also be the place to sell your used lawn-mower or place to look for a new job.

The website is Craigslist. All you would need to do is place an ad in the “personals” section and see what response you get. And, Craigslist is FREE to use!

What is Friends with Benefits Dating?

While I feel the vast majority of women out there prefer monogamous relationships there are a few who want just sex… and nothing more.

By using the above two websites you may just find your special friend with benefits!

Here’s a video that discusses the friends with benefits type of relationship. Enjoy!


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