What is the best book on attracting women?

What is the best book on attracting womenI have read a number of books on how to approach and date women over the years. The first was a book that was published back in the late ‘70s by a guy by the name of Eric Weber, the book being titled: How to Pick Up Girls. BUT, while this was one of the first books on the topic it is not one of the best!

It seems everyone is publishing books on how to pick up girls lately. There certainly are some very accomplished “pick-up artists” found on the web who are shamelessly promoting there books and DVDs.

Some of these books and courses are very good in that they demonstrate techniques and verbiage to initiate attraction and conversation.

However I am from the old school of being a confident man who is not afraid to have a conversation with any woman because I know my value and really could care less if she is not interested.

I won’t lie about my background to get a girl interested in me (I am not a doctor or movie producer ;-), I will not perform magical tricks to try to appear to be cute (I think that is truly immature and retarded) and I certainly will not wear a big hat, paint my fingernails and try to “Peacock” for a woman’s attention!!

As I have been saying all along in this blog/web magazine is in order to be a male who is attractive to women you must be a male who “is attractive to women”! i.e.… you are successful, you dress well, you are incredibly fit and you are a guy who is respected by others! Enough said!

What is the best book on attracting women?

Having said that here is the best book I found on the topic of attracting women:

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss

What I liked about this book was that it covered the topic as if it were a journey the author was going through. He starts as a fairly naïve guy who is clueless about women and ends his journey being a fairly successful “pick up artist” with a number of beautiful women notched on his belt.

His mentor for the journey is a guy who has the name “Mystery”, who is considered one of the top pickup artists of our day. This Mystery character is so successful with women that he has written a book on the topic, produces seminars all over the world and even had a VH1 cable program made highlighting his process.

Having read both Mystery’s book and Neil Strauss’ book I felt more comfortable with the Strauss book in that it had a story to tell; and along with the story it cleverly dished out the information needed on how to attract women.

If you are wanting a more up to date course or program that has video and coaching involved then I would also recommend these two here:

The Tao of Badass   CLICK HERE for more information.

The PUA Academy   CLICK HERE for more information.

Keep in mind that reading books on the topic will get you only so far! If you want to be attractive to women it is a process that takes a while and is much more involved than just reading a book.

Here is a video interview of Neil Strauss you may find interesting.  Enjoy the video!


What is the best book on attracting women?

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