What is the best site to meet women?

best site to meet womenWhat is the best site to meet women? Good question that has an easy answer! If you are looking to find a dating site as the answer to this question you would be sadly mistaken. In my view all dating sites are created equal and offer the usual 10 guys for every woman listed on their site!

What you need is a website that gets you involved with activities that include women engaging in the same activity! Say… hiking or softball as example activities.

The number one site that offers social activities that involve interaction with others, especially if you are single is… Meetup.com! And you thought we were going to mention Match.com – nope!

With Meetup.com you can choose many activity groups from your own city to join and engage in. Such activity groups include sailing, chess, dining out and discussion groups. In my city alone there are over 100 groups for any single guy to pick from!

The advantage of joining a few of these meetup.com social groups is the opportunity to participate in the activity, thus giving you the chance to interact with the single women participating with you. It is from this group activity that a guy can initiate conversation and building of rapport with the woman who interests him the most.

If you are a fairly confident guy you should not have any problems interacting with the women of the group. From there it’s just a matter of demonstrating you are a successful and worthy male for the women to decide whether she would be interested or not.

Good Luck!

best site to meet women

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