What is the secret of attraction?

What is the secret of attractionWhy do some guys seem to be able to attract women almost at will while others have no luck at all? Today we are going to answer the question: What is the secret of attraction? The answer could help you become more appealing to women!

And the answer is “power”. Power can come in all forms, but boils down to the woman having power over you!  This power over you will give you a sense of insecurity within yourself that is directed at the desired female… thus creating attraction.

Conversely, strong, confident and successful men – Alpha Males – know how to use their inner power to create “mystery” and “uncertainty” with the women with whom they are interacting with.

The mystery is created by being a guy who has bigger things in life going on than just chasing women.

The woman who is his target will receive just enough attention to show a budding interest.  Then, all of a sudden he is distracted with more important things or people (preferably other women).

She becomes just an after-thought, or so she thinks!

What this does is create a sense of uncertainty and insecurity with the woman regarding this alpha male pursuer. This feeling of insecurity, directed at the strong confident male morphs into attraction.

Think of the time your last girlfriend broke up with you.  All of a sudden, as a result of her breaking up with you, she becomes the most beautiful and sexy girl in the world to you; whereas the day before the breakup you were fairly bored with her!!

By her breaking up with you a sense of insecurity develops, directed at her, which is created by the power she now has over you being that she is now rejecting you.

What is the secret of attraction?

As she becomes disinterested in even speaking to you, uncertainty about her actions enters the picture, thus the mystery that was missing in the relationship grows, thus creating attraction.

We have all been through this at one time or another so its fairly easy to understand.

Here’s a video that has a slightly different viewpoint on the secret of attraction. Enjoy the video!


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