What Not to Say When Approaching Women

What Not to Say When Approaching WomenWomen often have a few horror stories about pickup lines gone wrong, but there’s more to bad conversation than goofy jokes and hilarious attempts at sounding cool. Half the battle in approaching women is getting the courage to walk over and strike up a conversation, but saying the wrong thing might end the exchange before it’s even gotten off the ground.

For the best chance at striking up a successful conversation with a woman, avoid the following common mistakes:

Don’t Set Up an Interview

Approaching a woman doesn’t give a man license to play 20-questions.

Her innermost secrets and desires won’t be on display, and a guy shouldn’t expect to learn everything about a woman in the first five minutes.

Having a few topics on tap should make the conversation process smoother, but highly inquisitive men tend to scare away women.

Planning Every Word

Although some guys have great memories and might be able to rattle off a fairly natural-sounding opening line, the average man will flub that plan with the first word that comes out of his mouth.

Any planning at all might actually make things worse when the guy forgets absolutely everything he was going to say and looks instead like deer in headlights.

Mundane Topics Inspire Yawning

There’s no reason to talk about the weather.


Even if a tornado just touched down in the middle of a hurricane, weather talk is a guaranteed turnoff. Women don’t care that it was a beautiful 70 degrees outside with a 20 percent chance of rain, and winds coming out of the south at 7 miles per hour.

Reciting the weather tells a woman absolutely nothing about a guy, and the information is completely useless.

Recanting the Pick-Up Line

As jokes between friends and entertaining stories at parties, horrible pickup lines offer everyone a chance to laugh. The same may not be said for using a pickup line on a woman only to sheepishly recant the line a few seconds later.

Even if a pickup line inspires laughter, there’s nothing attractive about a man afraid to see that line out to the bitter end. Terrible pickup lines can start successful conversations, but only when used with humorous intent.

Taking it Too Seriously

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”0977650529″ locale=”us”]No matter a guy’s personality at work, there’s no reason to treat a conversation like a boardroom meeting.

Laughter and fun will always trump serious talk about world events.

Trying to sound serious and worldly doesn’t usually work unless a guy haunts the stacks at the local library to find women.

So there you have it, you it studs.

Be careful with what you say and you may just walk away from the conversation with a phone number!

Good Luck!

article: What Not to Say When Approaching Women

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