What to do if Your Girlfriend Seems Bored with You

What to do if Your Girlfriend Seems Bored with YouAll couples go through a period of boredom, so this is not something new or unique to you if you are experiencing this problem. However, if you have been dating this girl for only a few months and she seems bored with you then you do have a problem… a REAL problem!

You see, if this girl thinks you are boring and then chances are most other women think you are boring!

Keep in mind this is the last thing you want… to be thought of as a boring and uninteresting guy.


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So the question here is how do you go about being the guy women truly want to spend their time with?

What is it that women truly find fascinating with certain men but yet become bored and uninterested and other man?

Let’s take a quick look at this problem and come up with some quick solutions to help you get this rectified. First let’s better define the problem.

She finds YOU boring!!

Lately when you attempt to spend time with her she is becoming less available and preferring to spend time with her family and friends. When this does occur she has either started to lose interest in you or she finds you incredibly boring.

What to do if Your Girlfriend Seems Bored with YouSpending time with her, which has become less and less, she seems to be somewhere else mentally and not truly desirous to be with you.

As time goes on and you enter in your fourth month as a new couple this could be a sign of trouble which usually results in her dumping you!

It is at this time that she realizes that you are just an uninteresting guy and she starts to think about the other men who are constantly asking her out.

Sooner more than later she will say yes to some other guy and you will be history!

What to do if Your Girlfriend Seems Bored with You!!!

Aren’t you tired of this crap!  Do you see that maybe you are the problem here?  Don’t you think you can turn this around to your advantage somehow?

How to turn this around!

Number One:   Stop giving a shit about what this woman thinks about you and do what you want, when you want. If you want to go play poker with the guys… go play poker with the guys! If you want to go to a strip club… go to a strip club with the guys. Bring dollar bills though!

The point here is that you are going to stop making her a priority in your life and you are now going to make yourself a priority in your life. She is no longer the key holder of your emotions!


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Number Two:   Get your shit together and get your career back on track and make it your new priority! Focus on your success. Focus on making money and gaining social status. Put her on the back burner and truly don’t give a shit about it!!

You are now on track to become the most appealing guy to women you can be! Once you start to move your life forward, and she is not part of that plan she will start to become more interested in you… the NEW you! And, so will other women!!!

Number Three:   Get VERY fit and find a sexy female workout partner or trainer! Once you become very fit, and I mean very fit(!!!) your whole life changes! For all of you fat guys out there you will never know this, and that’s a shame!

Having a chiseled physique with six pack abs really does incredible wonders for the self-confidence! Taking off your shirt and having the woman lying in your bed tell you that you have an incredible body… well, there is just no substitute for that!


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In conclusion..

By working on yourself and becoming the guy you would be proud to become means the woman who is becoming “bored with you” JUST DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE! If she looks disinterested or bored you would just NOT CARE because you are too busy living your life and experiencing other women who want to be with an interesting guy just like you!

Now go get busy!


Article: What to do if Your Girlfriend Seems Bored with You.

updated: June 14, 2016

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