What to do when she calls you too often!

What to do when she calls you too often!I once dated a girl who would call me five or six times a day while I was at work. She would call just to make sure I arrived on time. She would call to make sure I ate all of my lunch. She would call just to make sure I did not forget about our planned dinner with friends later for that day. You get my drift.

She was a clingy girl. She was also a very cute and very sexy girl as well, so her calling constantly, at first was tolerated. But, as the relationship grew in age her constant calling me seemed like she was constantly checking up on me.

At first I thought it was cute. Then I thought it was ok, but annoying. Later I found this constant calling intrusive and irritating. Much later I just stopped taking her calls.

If you have this problem then you are dealing with an insecure girl who is afraid of losing you. What she does not realize is that by her constant calling she is pushing you away!

Here’s what to do:

ONE:   Sit her down and instruct her in how to call you only once per day.

TWO:   Inform her that if she continues to call you several times a day you need to ignore her calls per the request of your manager.

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THREE:   If she does not understand this and still attempts to call you, despite your above request not to, then it is time to move on and find a less insecure girl.

That is, if you are truly annoyed with this very insecure girl. If you still want to be with her then you will always have this issue as people never change!

Here’s a related video on this topic. Enjoy the video!


article: What to do when she calls you too often!

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