What to say to my wife who wants a divorce?

What to say to my wife who wants a divorceHere is a question for you: what to say to my wife who wants a divorce? This was asked of me recently by a colleague who was presented this dynamic by his wife. They have been married for well over 25 years and have three kids. Needless to say he was not surprised by this request; but, was still shaken by the thought of his wife moving on without him.

My advice to him was to say:    okay!    What else is there to say? More likely than not, his wife has been thinking about a divorce for quite some time… and finally summoned up the courage to express her desire to part ways.


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He can always say to his wife: let’s give it another try. Or, let’s go to counseling. Or, better still, let’s not rush into a divorce and see what direction we can take us through open conversation. Needless to say, I think this all would be for nothing.

Being married for over 25 years you get to know your spouse fairly well. Also being married for over 25 years there is a tendency to take stock in where one’s life is going… and if the direction is not where you want it to lead then changes need to be made. Apparently, this is what his wife has discovered about herself.

All those folks out there who try to make an effort to save their marriage I’m willing to bet that more than 80% eventually lead to a divorce regardless of their efforts to try to talk their exiting spouse into staying. Once someone decides to leave it is best that they… leave!

Imagine for a minute that he took the advice of convincing his wife to stay and work on the marriage. Over the next six months to one year the quality of the marriage does not necessarily improve at all – which is likely to be the case. Those six months or one year period of time he now forces his wife to stay with him could be used to heal emotional wounds and move one’s life forward!


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And what about the kids? How would they cope with a six month to one year period of time as the couple try to work on their marriage… and it is apparent the marriage probably will not work out. Perhaps, in my own personal opinion, it is best for my friend to allow his wife to leave so he and his kids… and his wife… can put all the emotional stress behind them which will enable them all to move forward with their lives that much quicker.

article: what to say to my wife who wants a divorce?

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